Dori’s highly skilled carpenters produce the very best hand-made wooden pizza and food serving boards, beautifully designed and 100% natural, with no bindings or glue.

For the last 50 years, Dori’s carpenters, from father to son, continue to represent the best in the workmanship and artistry of wooden pizzeria tools and platters. 

The quality of materials, together with the ability of their craftsmen, create the perfect tools for a variety of uses. The peels are unique for handling, lightness and longevity compared to mass-produced tools. Wood is simply the best material for the construction of pizza oven peels and for serving platters for pizzerias.

The products are entirely made of wood, they are produced without using any glues, or any harmful chemical treatments which are not food safe. Wood is naturally hygroscopic, absorbing and attracting moisture, which can help maintain certain foods for greater holding and serving. 

The wood is approved by the RECC, as it is considered the best material for the seasoning of traditional Italian cheese like a Reggiano Parmesan, Grana Padano and Roman Pecorino. 

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