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From father to son, for the last 50 years Dori manufacturers have been crafting and designing the perfect wooden serving boards, pizza peels and professional wooden kitchen accessories which represent the best in workmanship and artistry, authentically made in Italy. They use only the best wood which is Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) approved. Dori manufacture a vast range of beech and beech plywood wooden kitchen accessories, including serving boards and peels; they come in all shapes and sizes, and with a variety of treated and untreated wood for cooked or uncooked foods. All Dori products come heat branded for authenticity, however personalised branding is available for you to make your products your own, and give your pizzeria an extra edge. All Dori wooden kitchen accessories come with a warranty certificate and a declaration of conformity.

When delivered to you, Dori items come with a how-to document so that you know how to keep your beautiful wooden accessories fresh, clean, healthy and compliant. With the right basic cleaning and drying, your Dori accessories can be used in your restaurant for years, impressing your guests time and time again.

All Dori items are guaranteed by its registration of authenticity – the Dori logo is heat branded onto each item. Dori manufacturers also offer customised branding of your accessories – if you’d like to add a personal touch to your items you’ll be excited to hear that Dori can heat-brand your logo onto your beautiful wooden kitchen accessories, to give your restaurant or pizzeria that extra special touch, or even for a treasured gift for someone special. For just a small up front cost Dori can create your stamp, then it costs only 50p per item to add your logo/design after that! See below some of the restaurants who have taken advantage of this offer: 

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