XLT manufacture a range of pizza oven capture hoods for each of its pizza ovens. The capture hoods can be made to fit single, double or triple stack ovens. They can easily be altered at any time if you add or remove ovens, with new dropdown shroud conversion kits. The hoods capture 100% of heat and fumes from the ovens, which are vented from the store, giving a substantial reduction in extraction rates. Stores remain cooler and quieter using the XLT oven capture hoods. The hoods can be coloured to suit your store design. Optional Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) can be built into the hood control, which automatically increase and decreases airflow depending on the number of ovens in operation. Energy efficiency at its best!



AVI HOOD FOR 1832, 2440 & 3255 OVENS

Spec Sheet

AVI HOOD FOR 3270, 3855 & 3870 OVENS

Spec Sheet

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