Marana Forni was the original manufacturer of the Rotating Pizza Deck oven, with the company being the very first rotating-stone-baked-oven manufacturer. Its origins are pure Italian, manufactured in Verona, Marana Forni are leaders in design and production of the finest rotating deck ovens available today. The ovens come in a range of sizes and can be powered using wood, gas or a combination of both. The only limitation with what you can cook in a Marana Forni is your imagination. Its cooking deck can not only rotate, but can be supplied with a rise and fall (SU&GIU®) option that increases the flexibility even further by providing multiple cooking temperatures within the same oven.  The newly launched award winning GENIUS oven goes one step further. By controlling the cooking time, oven temperature and flame height it allows the operator to cook pizza in one rotation of the cooking deck ensuring that the pizza is perfect all of the time.

 Marana Forni also manufacture the new traditional Napule 120 oven with the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) approval for production of Real Neapolitan Pizza in both gas and wood fired options.

The Original Italian Rotating Pizza Deck Oven

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Marana Forni Neapolitan Pizza Oven

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Genius Fast Casual Pizza Oven

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