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Cast Iron Pans – Grill Pans


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Condition: These pans are all brand new and unused, but they are ex-display products so there may be some signs of handling. 

Every Ghisanativa product is hand-made entirely by Fonderia Finco at the foundry in Northern Italy and is the result of long and scrupulous research into cooking materials, technology, environmental protection and history. The minerals loaded into the furnace are uncompromisingly selected: carbon graphite and haematite, a mineral containing up to 60% iron. Heated to 1530°C in a process that conforms to the strictest environmental standards, these minerals melt, leaving behind all traces of slag, and fuse to produce pure, molten cast iron, ready for casting in the finest sand and clay moulds. Each mould is then destroyed on cooling, so every Ghisanativa item is unique to its owner.

Once extracted from the mould, Ghisanativa isgiven its essential and exceptional non-stick finish,achieved in the purest way without any chemicals or enamels. The cookware is then re-heated to 900°C in an oxygen-free atmosphere inside a special oven. This process creates a tough layer of magnetite on the surface of the metal, protecting every Ghisanativa item against rust. At this point, a film of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is applied by hand, then the products are put back into an oven and once again subjected to intense heat. At 400°C the harmful compounds liberated when oil exceeds its smoke point evaporate and disperse, leaving the residual compounds of the oil to polymerise with the metal. This creates a black cooking surface that is satin-smooth to the touch, scratch-proof with all common kitchen utensils and extremely resistant to high temperatures. Most importantly, this surface has a natural non-stick finish that remains effective for years and is enhanced and strengthened by even the smallest quantities of oil. 



Increasing numbers of consumers are choosing to opt for an animal-free diet across the UK, and with help from organisations such as the Vegetarian Society, people are able to find products that enhance their lifestyle, ensuring that an animal-free diet is easy to follow. With information available on anything from food brands to beauty products, it was clear one thing was missing from the market… vegan cookware.

You can buy the most organic fruits and vegetables and use the highest quality oil, but if your cooking tools are below grade, unfortunately your food is never going to be as healthy and tasty as you desire. Leaching is a major problem among common metal cookware, with the smallest scratch on the pan contaminating your food with harmful metals and chemicals. Ghisanativa is made from the purest cast iron and is made in such a way that it only transfers the beneficial properties of iron into your food, which, in turn, helps prevent and treat anaemia – an iron deficiency common in pregnant women, children and those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. Ghisanativa has created a way for you to stop worrying about adding enough iron-rich food to your recipes – let your cookware do it for you. Leading universities around the world, and the most prestigious medical and scientific journals confirm the use of cast iron cooking tools (provided they are not enamel coated) significantly reduce the risk of anaemia, especially when cooking with acidic ingredients such as vinegar, tomato, wine and citrus fruits.

All of Ghisanativa’s hand-made vegan cookware range comes with a Lifetime Guarantee; as well as being focused on healthy cooking, Ghisanativa are focused on a healthy world, and want to limit wastage and equipment ending up in landfill. For this reason, Ghisanativa offer a Lifetime Guarantee, showing you how versatile, strong and useful your equipment will be, forever. This vegan cookware was created using the ancient wisdom of cast iron cooking; the range is perfect for health-conscious, no-nonsense chefs, with a love for tradition, natural cooking and overall health and life wellbeing.


Call White’s Foodservice Equipment on 01527 528841 with any questions you may have about these products and we’d be happy to help you. 

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