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Replacement Brush Head – Natural Bristles

£16.50 £19.80 inc. VAT

£16.50 £19.80 inc. VAT
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Replacement natural oven brush head for AC-SPN, with natural bristles. Can also be used on it’s own for smaller ovens that don’t need to reach so far to the back.

Dimensions for natural oven brush head: 20 x 6cm.


Natural Oven Brush Head

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Constructed using lightweight materials and approved by the AVPN, Gi Metal’s professional pizza making tools have everything you could possibly need including pizza peels, turning peels, oven brushes, cutters, olive oil cans, dough dockers and more… the list is endless.

Gi Metal products are made in Italy and are synonymous with quality, practicality and beauty worldwide. The professional Gi Metal pizza making tools are appreciated, sought-after, and purchased because of their good value for money and high quality. Creativity, research and perfectionism come together in a series of tools designed for a wide range of uses for professionals who make and serve pizza in restaurant kitchens and dining rooms around the world. This is a company that produces to its own designs and manufactures its own range of products to the highest specifications. 

The materials and production methods used are constantly analysed and updated to obtain maximum functionality, ease of use, solidity and safety. Gi Metal pizza making tools are AVPN approved for the making of Napoletana Pizza in a traditional wood or gas oven. Once you have tried Gi Metal accessories you will never need anything else – the very best decision you can make for your restaurant.

Our range of peels include the AVPN approved Napoletana range, the lightweight Azzurra range, as well as the competitively priced and heavy-duty Alice range. Anything you need, you will find within our online store. 

We hold a large amount of stock for immediate dispatch, delivered to you within 1-2 working days.

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Replacement Brush Head with natural bristles – Spare part for AC-SPN

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