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Friul Co manufactures reliable and high-performance machines that simplify and speed up your work. This includes heavy-duty dough sheeters and juice extractors for the professional kitchen.

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About Friul Co

Established in 1984, Friul Co is a leading company in the production of machines for the preparation of natural juices and pizza equipment. Their highly specialised technical staff continually develop new concepts and new technologies, always proposing innovative products to their customers. Friul Co is known in Italy and all over the world for its dynamism, efficiency and top-quality, reliable products.

Mr.Antonio Cimenti, the president of the company, began by creating the heavy-duty dough sheeters – the starting point for a complete range of pizza equipment. Later, the construction of a commercial juice extractor came about in order to meet dietary requirements/demands. The success of the model Iota is due to its top quality and technology; this first machine opened a new field of activity for Friul Co and so the other exceptional juice extractors were created. 

At the heart of all of their creations Friul Co always ensure that their machines are easy to use and easy to clean, as they know that with these machines you save time and increase your profit margins.


Heavy Duty Dough Sheeters

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Friul Co invented the vertical countertop dough sheeter. There are three different models available, all patented, indestructible, long-lasting and designed to work in a continuous way. They can guarantee high performance, sturdiness and suit many types of work.

Friul Co Dough Sheeters are the most resistant because:

  • They work without belts. No belts and no gears in the Friul Co dough sheeter: a choice aimed at eliminating jamming risks, premature wear and tear and frequent break downs. 
  • Non-Deformable Rollers. Friul Co dough sheeters’ rollers are made of steel covered with a thick layer of Delrin©, a very resistant food approved resin, non-stick and anti-wear. This gives the rollers unchanging strength against hard mechanical stress. The M51 and M61 rollers have a diameter of 90mm, making them even more resistant to mechanical stress. 
  • Sturdy and Steady. From the frame to the mechanical parts, Friul Co dough sheeters are manufactured in thick stainless steel.


Professional Juice Extractors 

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Friul Co’s Juice Extractors, Citrus Juicers and Slow Juicers are all designed to get the maximum juice yield from fruit, vegetables, leafy greens and seeds. They extract 100% pure and natural juices, preserving their nutrients. These innovative and professional machines are the most efficient on the market; they are very popular in bars, soft drink bars, juice bars and restaurant kitchens all over the world.

There are different models available to suit your needs:

  • Iota Juice Extractor: this machine is ideal to prepare fruit and vegetable juices, cocktails and soft drinks, soups and ice creams and pastries. Iota is the most powerful juice extractor on the market, ideal for popular places where you need to prepare fruit and vegetable juices quickly, 100% natural. 
  • Kallima Juice Extractor: this machine is a very strong juice extractor that can work continuously, with an automatic waste separation, very easy to clean.
  • Lemonsprint Citrus Juicer: with this machine, preparing citrus juices has never been so easy! With Lemonsprint, you get quick and effortless juices from whichever citrus fruit you insert, even from non-calibrated lemons or fruit with a thick peel. The squeezing system is patented by Friul Co and enables you to work with citrus fruit of whatever shape and size without requiring any type of adjustment. 


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