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Fornitalia was born from IGF in 1994, offering a wide choice in electric deck ovens. Fornitalia is a company with a great tradition behind it and whose mission focuses on customer care and satisfaction. They have a lengthy history in the heat management industry, and the natural evolution has led to the design and manufacture of excellent pizza ovens.

The machines are your best and most reliable business partner – they provide superior performance which reflects in your pizza product, every time.


Blackline: the new line for the user that demands perfection.

IGF Black Line: the new line for users who want perfection. Internal and external chamber in stainless steel – with insulating ceramic fibre with high performance. Double lamp embedded with new cooling technology. Refractory plate with high thickness. Indestructible temperature probe, fumes discharging and central vapours easily adjustable with an electric button. Strengthened front door, oven front insulated with frontal pack system for a minimum heat dispersion. Control panel internally cooled with a fan activated from a thermo dynamic sensor – electronic card with manual or automatic function, able to manage the power needed for work flow.

EXTRAS AVAILABLE (Please enquire):

  • Oven available with painted black front.
  • Oven available with painted black front and 2 sides.
  • Heated base cabinet.
  • Ambient base cabinet.
  • Oven Stand.

(Oven is available with or without extraction hood.)

For more information give one of our team a call on 01527 528841, we will be happy to help. 


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