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Opera Prima

This innovative and patented pizza spreader is able to make excellent Italian pizzas – the machine mimics the hands of a Pizzaioli.






The new way to shape pizza dough!


Opera Prima is the brand new product from Ecor International SpA. For the last 40 years they have been gaining expertise in the mechanical design of the food processing industry, which requires high safety and hygiene standards to be met. Thanks to investment in research and innovation, Opera Prima has been born and is providing high-tech solutions for the pizza sector.







The professional pizza stretching machine


Opera Prima is the innovative and professional pizza stretching machine, designed and produced in Italy. This machine creates the classic Italian pizza in a quick and simple way. It guarantees a high quality end product thanks to its patented dough opening system which simulates the pizza maker’s hands. The machine has a cold-working process for several types of dough, without stressing it. It allows you to create tasty, crispy pizza with a defined crust in a short time.


  • Opera Prima does not stress the dough. It stretches the dough without stressing it through a cold-working process.
  • A defined edge. It shapes the traditional pizza with a regular and well-defined crust.
  • An artisan pizza. It creates the classic Italian pizza, handmade, with a soft consistency and evenly cooked.
  • It simulates expert hands. It entirely replaces skilled labour and you don’t need to be an expert pizza maker!
  • 200 pizzas per hour! It allows high hourly productivity by improving the efficiency of the pizzeria.
  • A customised diameter. It allows you to adjust the dough opening diameter up to 35cm, to achieve the desired result.
  • Quality and automation. It is the first Pizza Stretcher in the world that creates a high quality final product through an automatic system.
  • User-friendly. You only need to place the dough on the plate and push the start button – the pizza base will then be ready in only seconds.
  • Adaptability to the pizzeria. The machine can be placed on a counter or a stainless steel support, ensuring perfect adaptability to any space.
  • Easy maintenance. It is both easy to wash and carry, as well as compact due to the choice of materials.
  • Flexibility. Opera Prima is a highly flexible product that perfectly meets its users needs and their different types of dough.



The Raw Material


Opera Prima has been designed to create different types of pizzas according to the type of flour and dough preparation technique. Due to its versatility, the best result is always guaranteed.


  • Type 00 flour
  • Type 0 flour
  • Type 1 flour

The Dough

  • Direct dough
  • Indirect dough: Biga, Poolish, Sourdough starter




The Final Product


Opera Prima is ideal to make the following types of pizza:

  • Pizza Classica. It’s the typical pizza with a thin crust, can be made with all kinds of flour.
  • Pizza Napoletana. Soft pizza, typically round shaped with a well defined crust.
  • Pizza Romana. A thin and crispy pizza called “scrocchiarella” with a onomatopoeic adjective in the roman dialect.





Technical Features


Opera Prima Gallery

Take a look at our Opera Prima Gallery to see this beautiful, innovative pizza stretching machine in action.