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Marana Forni

Marana Forni created the very first wood fired rotating oven, and is known as a pioneer in the industry. Using wood, gas and combined systems, they have revolutionised the way pizza is cooked.

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XLT Ovens and exhaust hoods – global manufacturers of best-in-class conveyor pizza ovens and exhaust hoods, designed for pizza takeaway, delivery chains and independents alike.

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The Charcoa grill is the ultimate in charcoal grilling and theatre style cooking – a truly unique product that is tailored to the customer’s specific needs and requirements.

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These dough mixers are recommended by the very best chefs in the world, due to their thoughtful and innovative design – the mixers are individually handmade, and are the very best way to produce the perfect dough – every single time.

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Food Transformation Systems

A range of dry aging and meat maturing cabinets that set the standard worldwide. From built in cabinets to 360 degree viewing pass through cabinets, they have something to suit every application.

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Proluxe machines are a pizza maker’s best friend – with their line of manual and automatic dough presses and sheeters, combining innovation and functionality to meet all needs.

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Gi Metal

A huge range of tools that are a must for any pizziola, from pizza peels to oven brushes, traditional olive oil cans to peel racks. Gi Metal have everything you could possibly need.

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A low cost, fast and efficient tool to accurately control the portion of sauce spread onto your dough, while spreading it proportionally and consistently every time.

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Friul Co

Friul Co manufactures reliable and high-performance machines that simplify and speed up your work. This includes heavy-duty dough sheeters and juice extractors for the professional kitchen.

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