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Ghisanativa Cooking Tools: A Caterer’s Best Friend

Ghisanativa vans

Finally! A range of catering equipment that is suitable for all cooking techniques! Style and convenience all wrapped into one – perfectly suited to caterers everywhere. Ghisanativa’s range of cooking tools are created from the purest cast iron; an original, ancient and noble material that is undisputed in the kitchen over the centuries. The nature of the metal allows it to gather and retain heat for far longer than any other material. The clever people at Fonderia Finco in Italy have used their expertise in cast iron to create Ghisanativa – a range of cookware, cooking carts and burners which allow you more freedom with your menu, so you no longer have to worry about bringing a vast range of catering equipment to each venue to suit all of your different cooking techniques.

Ghisanativa provide tools which create the very best tasting foods, cooked on the very best materials, with healthy-cooking always at the forefront of their creations – what more could you possibly ask for to keep your client happy…? Serving them in style! With Ghisanativa’s cooking carts – a one-of-a-kind product – your customers and their guests will be amazed at how carefully and stylishly created your cooking tools are! Conceived and designed to last, Ghisanativa’s cooking carts are the perfect partner for catering, live-cooking, flambé cooking, or cooking shows – being safe and approved to use both indoors and outdoors.

In this new age of Instagram capturing your every move, why not offer your customers a catering experience they would be proud to photograph with an inventive and interactive side to it – allowing them to see exactly what is going into their meals, and seeing you cook it with skill and confidence on your beautiful Ghisanativa catering equipment.

The beautiful Sothis Cooking Cart is available in two sizes to suit your needs: Catering Equipment - Sothis Carts

The Sothis Cooking Carts are compatible with all Ghisanativa burners, which can be used either on top of the cart, or stand-alone on a flat surface of your choosing: Catering Equipment - Burners

As well as that, Ghisanativa have a wide range of cookware that include Grill Pans, Plain Pans, Wok pans, Sauce Deep pans and Coquettes, available in a range of sizes to suit your needs:

Catering Equipment - Cookware

Ghisanativa’s range of cooking tools have many benefits – cast iron is an alloy of iron and carbon that is easy to mould, dense and extremely strong, as well as being naturally non-stick with excellent corrosion resistance. As well as that, Ghisanativa’s stunning cookware transfers all beneficial properties of iron into your food, helping to treat and prevent anaemia, perfect for vegetarians, vegans and people who struggle to get enough iron in their diets. 

The Ghisanativa range is perfect for catering professionals and lovers of responsible, healthy cooking with an open-minded approach to the future, but feet firmly planted in tradition. 

Catering Equipment in Action


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