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Discover: Izzo Forni

Founded in Naples over 70 years ago, Izzo Forni strives to capture its origins and passion in every oven they produce. Izzo were the first company in the world to produce an electric oven approved by the AVPN (True Neapolitan Pizza Association) for cooking real Neapolitan pizza. Their ovens are masterpieces in both design and performance.
Izzo Forni Logo- Izzo Neapolitan Pizza Oven Logo
Forged from the goodness of the raw materials of Italy; they utilise their industrial expertise to create ovens with unrivalled cooking performances and heaps of style. Izzo steer away from the industrialisation of their artisan vocation. They do not wish to see technology take over their production, as this can damage quality. Instead seek to use technology to increase innovation, combining it with care and attention to detail. The result is “unique pieces”, of the highest quality and performance
The Izzo Oven Dome Oven
A statement in more ways than one.