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Ghisanativa – Cast Iron Cooking Tools

Chef Using Ghisanativa Vegan Cookware Ravioli

“Ghisanativa’s cast iron cooking tools are made for catering professionals and lovers of responsible, healthy cooking with an open-minded approach to the future but feet firmly planted in tradition.”

Fonderia Finco is the family run business, based in Italy that has been going strong since 1945. They had a passion… they wanted to reinterpret tradition, get rid of needless frills and focus on ancient wisdom to emphasise the need for organic cooking.

Ghisanativa was born.

Ghisanativa is a cookware range that was consciously designed, with a creation process formulated over the years until perfected and beautifully finished – always with healthy and safe cooking being the at the forefront of their creation.

Cast Iron Cooking Tools

Cast iron is a symbol of tradition, domestic warmth, and common-sense cooking. Not only that, but cast iron is suitable to use with all cooking techniques, and its properties enables it to gather far more heat and retain it for much longer than another other material. On top of that, it releases the heat more slowly and evenly, and keeps food hotter for longer when removed from the hob.

All of Ghisanativa‘s cast iron cooking tools are made from extremely pure cast iron – an original material that is undisputed in the kitchen over the centuries. Naturally, food does not stick to cast iron utensils, so requires no treatment or coating that can release corrosive or toxic gases when reaching certain temperatures. This is one of the reasons Fonderia Finco was drawn to cast iron for the Ghisanativa range – promoting health in cooking.

Cast Iron Cooking Tools - Burner 1Cast Iron Cooking Tools - Burner 2Cast Iron Cooking Tools - CartsCast Iron Cooking Tools - Burner 3

The creation of the cast iron cooking tools: the minerals loaded into the furnace are uncompromisingly selected: carbon graphite and haematite, a mineral containing up to 60% iron. Heated to 1530℃ in a process that conforms to the strictest environmental standards, these minerals melt, leaving behind all traces of slag, and fuse to produce pure, molten cast iron, ready for casting in the finest sand and clay moulds. Each mould is then destroyed on cooling, so every Ghisanativa item is unique to its owner. Once extracted from the mould, Ghisanativa is given its essential and exceptional non-stick finish, achieved in the purest way without any chemicals or enamels. The cookware is then re-heated to 900℃ in an oxygen-free atmosphere inside a special oven. This process creates a tough layer of magnetite on the surface of the metal, protecting every Ghisanativa item against rust. At this point, a film of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is applied by hand, then the products are put back into an oven and once again subjected to intense heat. At 400℃ the harmful compounds liberated when oil exceeds its smoke point evaporate and disperse, leaving the residual compounds of the oil to polymerise with the metal. This creates a black cooking surface that is satin-smooth to the touch, scratch-proof with all common kitchen utensils and extremely resistant to high temperatures. Most importantly, this surface has a natural non-stick finish that remains effective for years and is enhanced and strengthened by even the smallest quantities of oil.

Another unique benefit of using the Ghisanativa range, is that the cast iron transfers only the beneficial properties of iron into your food, which in turn helps treat and prevent anaemia. 

Without forgetting that in the kitchen, cast iron has been making life a little more comfortable, pleasant, healthy and tasty for centuries, Fonderia Finco’s innovative Ghisanativa range is perfect for any health conscious and safe cooking enthusiast, and a must-have range for every chef’s kitchen.

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