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The Magical Fix to Restrictive Kitchen Ventilation

Evo Event Griddle Fired

We all would like a magical fix to restrictive kitchen ventilation!

The Health and Safety in Catering Liaison Committee considers the lack of adequate kitchen ventilation to be a major problem in catering. Based on their widespread experience of professional kitchens, they believe around 65% may have inadequate ventilation. Correct and sufficient ventilation is fundamental to controlling health and safety risks in kitchens, as well as maintaining hygiene control and food safety

The story: you’re opening a professional kitchen; you know the style of venue you want, you’ve perfected recipes and their origins, you know the area and the cliental. It’s all going swimmingly… you may be playing with ideas of show-cooking for guests (always a wow-factor). But then kitchen ventilation comes in to play. It’s boring and it’s complicated and people are throwing words at you like canopies and hoods and gas interlock systems and you realise you’re not going to have as much freedom as you wanted with your kitchen and equipment

Wouldn’t it be so much simpler if someone had invented a cooking station which comes equipped with internal ventilation? No more worrying, no expensive and bulky installs, no stressing that you may need to move your equipment but then you’ll have to move your ventilation system…

Evo EVent Ventless Griddle Kitchen Ventilation
Evo EVent Ventless Griddle 35E

Let’s all thank the clever people at Evo! An innovative, award-winning piece of equipment – Evo’s EVent Ventless Griddle comes with a built-in ductless downdraft ventilation system, allowing you to place it anywhere to provide a versatile cooking platform. Now you can cook and prepare meals without being restricted!

Evo EVent Ventless Griddle Kitchen Ventilation
Installed into tables for show-cooking


The innovative filtration system provides full containment of smoke, grease and cooking odours with its low noise, high efficiency CFM downdraft ventilation system with chef-side intake aperture and discharge duct. The Evo EVent was awarded the 2015 Kitchen Innovation Award by the National Restaurant Association, as well as Best New Product in Kitchen Design by HX: The Hotel Experience!

Available in with cooktops 24 x 35 inches and 24 x 48 inches. The 35E & 48E Ventless Griddles are electronically controlled rectangular steel cooktops in an integrated downdraft ventilation table. Four independent heaters heat a programmable cooking zone with variable temperatures ranging from 38 to 288 degrees Celsius. A stainless-steel high velocity CFM downdraft filtration system provides full containment and capture from the intake aperture, which is located on the chef-side adjacent to the cooking surface, then a discharge duct on the chef-side returns clean, filtered air.

The filtration system is fully welded stainless steel and utilises a washable stainless-steel grease pre-filter, a washable electrostatic precipitator filter cartridge, and a final stage replaceable activated charcoal filter. A self-contained fire suppression system with cross-pattern nozzles provide a continuous zone of fire protection. Internal fire suppression requires applicable fire permitting and fire commissioning. Internal fire alarm microswitch requires applicable connection to central fire alarm. 

Evo EVent Ventless Griddle 35E Kitchen Ventilation

Evo EVent Ventless Griddle 48E Kitchen Ventilation
Available with or without the table surround


  • Do you have limited back-of-house space and no room for a hood to achieve kitchen ventilation? No problem with Evo EVent Ventless Griddle!
  • Perhaps you want to let your customers see your main event being created… the food! A guaranteed ‘wow-factor’ in any venue.
  • Perfect if you need the freedom of being able to move your cooking equipment quickly and easily whenever you require.
  • The ideal business partner if you’re looking to expand into a non-traditional space.
Evo EVent Ventless Griddle Kitchen Ventilation
Cooking on the griddle


“I have been using your product since 2006 and swear by it. Absolutely one of the most versatile pieces of equipment to hit the Industry since the inverted blender! When we took the kitchen into the dining room at BallenIsles Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, I promised the Board and staff the two indoor electric units and the one outdoor propane unit was a must. They love them from omelets, French toast, grilled cheese, stir-fry, scallops, salmon, satays etc….. there is nothing this cannot do! The Chef at BallenIsles remembers when I used them to feed 10,000 people in Arizona when he came over to help as well.”

                                  –  John P. Bartilomo CEC, CCE
                                     Troon Golf – Vice President, Food & Beverage Operations

Evo EVent Ventless Griddle Kitchen Ventilation
Perfectly simple kitchen equipment


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