White’s Foodservice Equipment stock a large amount of beautiful and high-quality kitchen accessories, including brands available to purchase in our Online Shop such as Gi Metal, Dori Wooden Accessories, and Ghisanativa Cast Iron Cookware; all ready for delivery within 1-2 working days. 

Gi Metal products are made in Italy and are synonymous with quality, practicality, and beauty worldwide. The professional Gi Metal tools are appreciated, sought-after, and purchased because of their good value for money and high quality. Creativity, research and perfectionism come together in a series of tools designed for a wide range of uses for professionals who make and serve pizza in restaurants kitchens and dining rooms around the world.

Dori’s wooden peels are unique for handling, lightness and longevity compared to mass-produced tools. Wood is a great material for the construction of pizza oven peels, as well as serving platters for pizzerias. Dori’s products are made entirely from wood, but without using any glues or harmful chemical treatments which are not food safe. Dori’s carpenters have been creating beautiful products for the past 50 years and continue to represent the best in the workmanship and artistry of wooden pizzeria tools and platters.

Ghisanativa’s key virtue is exceptional purity, with their individually made range of pure cast iron cookware. Ghisanativa’s cookware sets new standards in the kitchen, with a range of beautiful, professional, ecological, robust and virtually indestructible products that suit all cooking styles. The hotplates, grill plates, pans and woks work perfectly on all types of hob, and can even be used in ovens, on barbecues and in refrigerators. Ghisanativa’s pans are naturally non-stick, satin-smooth to the touch and are scratch-proof with all common kitchen tools. As well as this, due to the nature of the metal, the cookware is able to accumulate and retain up to 12 times more heat than steel. 

Please Note: For orders that will be delivered to the highlands and islands, get in touch with our team who will be happy to calculate your delivery costs – 01527 528841. 

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Showing 1–12 of 87 results