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Eliani Spiral Dough Mixers

The Eliani range of mixers are known throughout the industry as THE mixer to use for serious pizza makers and restauranteurs, made with care and passion. Eliani produces spiral dough mixers with capacities from 5 to 100KG of dough.




Hand made by a small team near Genoa the Eliani range of dough mixers and rounders are known throughout the industry as THE machines to use for serious pizza makers and restauranteurs. Eliani produces spiral dough mixers and rounders with capacities from 500g to 100KG of dough. The mixers are made with care and passion and stand out for their sturdiness and reliability, but, above all, for the refinement and the quality of dough that the machines produce. Recommended by the largest associations and groups of pizza makers, cooking schools, and Neapolitan pizza schools. The range includes single and variable speed machines and all machines can be custom coloured.




Eliani’s dough mixers and rounders are recommended by the best chefs in the world because of their thoughtful and innovative design – the mixers are individually handmade, and have a variety of machines suitable for dough up to 100% hydration.  For years, Eliani has been producing the perfect business tool for pizzerias and bakeries to create bread, focaccia pizza, pastries, delicate dough and medium and hard dough. They have spent time designing and manufacturing the most professional and perfect machines to suit your needs. Eliani’s mixers and rounders are a pizza chefs best friend and the perfect tools to obtain the best dough.




Eliani have a range of machines to suit all needs. More information can be found in our Product Catalogue linked below, but here’s a brief idea of the sort of mixer you may require, dependent on your quantity needs:

Eliani Painted Spiral Steel Table Mixers hold anything from as little as 600grams, and as much as 25KG of dough, with bowl volume ranging from 10 to 40 litres, and are available in a range of colours.

Eliani Painted Spiral Mixers with a Fixed Bowl & Spiral Shaft hold anything from as little as 1KG of dough, to as much as 50KG, with bowl volumes ranging from 43 to 65 litres.

Eliani also have a PRO Spiral Mixer Line, which are able to mix dough from as little as 2KG all the way up to 100KG! Bowl volume ranges from 8 to 160 litres.

Eliani Professional Mixers
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