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Cast Iron Cookware: Vegan Approved by the Vegetarian Society

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Vegan Cookware. Who’s heard of that before?

Increasing numbers of consumers are choosing to opt for an animal-free diet across the UK, with the number of Google searches for ‘Vegan Foods’ quadrupling in the last 4 years. Good news!

With the help of organisations such as The Vegetarian Society, people are able to find products easily that can enhance their lifestyle, ensuring that adopting an animal-free diet is easy! The Vegetarian Society have been independently accrediting products for the last 50 years – anything from food brands to beauty products, with their vegan and vegetarian approved trademarks…

One thing seemingly missing, however, was cookware. 

You can buy the most organic fruits and vegetables and use the highest quality oil, but if your cooking tools are below grade, unfortunately your food is never going to be of the quality you desire. Why spend forever perfecting the most delicious dish and choosing the healthiest products, when common metal cookware such as copper, aluminium and steel can release harmful chemicals into the foods you’re putting into your body? Leaching is a serious issue, but don’t worry…

We have an answer.

Vegan Approved by the Vegetarian Society, we introduce to you Ghisanativa vegan cookware.

‘Ghisanativa’ translates to Native Cast Iron, or Pure Cast Iron. Unlike the common metal cooking tools used in kitchens everywhere, Ghisanativa is made from the purest cast iron, and is made in such a special way that it only transfers the beneficial properties of iron into your foods, which, in turn, helps to prevent and treat anaemia, which is an iron deficiency, common in pregnant women, children and people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

How easy is that! No more worrying about adding iron-rich foods into your recipes, let your vegan cookware do the work for you! 

Leading universities throughout the world, and the most prestigious medical and scientific journals confirm that the use of cast iron cooking tools – provided they are NOT enamel coated – significantly reduce the risk of anaemia, especially when cooking with acidic ingredients such as vinegar, tomato, wine and citrus fruits.

The Ghisanativa cookware range includes a variety of options to suit different each vegan chef’s needs and preferences. Grill Pans, Plain Pans, Woks, Sauce Pans and Coquettes, all picture below. They are compatible with all ovens, except microwave ovens, and come pre-seasoned with Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, giving them a fabulous non-stick surface. 

Vegan Cookware in the Ghisanativa RangeVegan Cookware Lifetime Guarantee


As well as this, Ghisanativa items come with a Lifetime Guarantee on their vegan cookware range. As well as being focused on healthy cooking, the creators of Ghisanativa are also focused on a healthy world, and want to limit wastage and equipment ending up in landfill. For this reason, they offer a Lifetime Guarantee to show how versatile, strong and useful your equipment will be, forever. You will not need to replace your pans or saucepans every year or two when they inevitably get scratched, as you often have to do with the other metals like aluminium, copper and steel. In fact, though Ghisanativa only transfers the beneficial properties of iron into foods, if you accidentally scratch your pan it is very easily fixed. Due to the individual and amazing way the tools are made, to bring your pans back to new all you have to do is clean and dry them, apply a thin layer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, wipe away any excess, then pop them in your oven at the highest heat for 1 hour. After this, you can take it out and leave it to cool, then you will be able to see that your pan is as good as new, with it’s natural non-stick layer back in perfect condition. 

Ghisanativa was created using the ancient wisdom of cast iron cooking; the range is perfect for health-conscious, no-nonsense chefs, with a love for tradition, natural cooking and overall health and life wellbeing. 

Watch this honest review from famous Vegan Chef Day Radley

For more information on how these beautiful pans are created, visit the Ghisanativa page here on White’s Foodservice Equipment website, where you have available to you brochures, leaflets, information, images, videos and the Online Shop where the vegan cookware can be purchased.

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