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The grill pans, plain pans, woks, sauce deep pans and coquettes are all available to buy here in our online store, with 1-2 working day delivery on all In Stock items. All cast iron cookware in the Ghisanativa range is Vegan Approved by the Vegetarian Society. 


The Ghisanativa range is cookware made from extremely pure cast iron; an original material that is undisputed in the kitchen over the centuries – the best choice for healthy, no-nonsense, perfectionist chefs. This includes plain pans, grill pans and woks which are compatible with the Ghisanativa portable cooking hobs. Cast iron’s molecular structure enables it to accumulate far more heat than any other material, and retain heat for longer whilst releasing it more slowly and evenly than any other material. Thanks to the exceptional thermal qualities of the vegan cast iron cookware, food naturally does not stick to the surface, which means there is no need for treatments or coatings that release corrosive or toxic gasses at temperatures of only 200 degrees Celsius. The pans are also created with a layer of magnetite and Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil which protects them from rust. The grill plates are specifically designed to fulfil two roles – to create attractive grill lines on the surface of the meat and veg, and to reduce contact between the cooking surface and the food. The ridges get hotter than the bottom of the grill plate, which is sufficient distance to allow the drainage of liquid, and a slightly convex bottom helps liquid flow to the edge of the plate, preventing it from evaporating under the food and partially steaming it. Ghisanativa cast iron cookware are ideal for all hobs, come in many sizes to suit your needs, and represent state-of-the-art in delicious, healthy and safe cooking. Coming with a lifetime warranty, and easily transported in their beautiful casing, it’s no wonder Ghisanativa products are the preferred choice of professionals and perfectionists in the kitchen.


Each item of vegan cast iron cookware is designed, built and then subjected to strict controls by the Finco Foundy in Campo San Martino, Italy, respecting the most rigorous environmental regulations. Then, a state-of-the-art kiln melts certified bars of haematite, graphite and silicon at 1500°C without any further addition of unwanted or harmful materials. The liquid cast iron is then casted in sand and clay matrices which are created for each single piece; that’s the reason why it is impossible to find two identical Ghisanativa products. The tiny superficial differences among pieces do not affect cooking performance, but instead demonstrate the uniqueness of each item. Ghisanativa is the result of a delicate technological process and a detailed artisanal finish. Unlike copper, aluminium and steel, which tend to release harmful particles, Ghisanativa only transfers the beneficial properties of iron into your food, helping to prevent and treat anaemia, making these pans ideal for those who adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet, and can sometimes struggle to get enough iron. Leading universities around the world and the most prestigious medial and scientific journals confirm that the use of cast iron cooking utensils – provided they are not enamel coated – significantly reduce the incidence of anaemia, especially when cooking with acidic ingredients like vinegar, red wine and tomatoes. As well as this, due to a Lifetime Guarantee that comes with each item of Ghisanativa vegan cast iron cookware, your pan will be a cooking companion for life, reducing your wastage and allowing you the opportunity to pass down your beautiful piece of cookware to generations to come. 

“I am always looking for ways to make my food healthier for my clients. I seek out new ingredients and use different cooking methods to do this. It’s a revelation to find a pan that can increase the nutrition in my food! I never would have thought this was possible. Ghisanativa is such an innovative product and so hard-wearing, which is very important to me as I know it will last forever. I love that it speeds up the cooking process and cooks evenly. It has instantly improved the quality of food that I produce!”

                       – Vegan Chef Day Radley


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