• Maturmeat: Meat Maturing Cabinets/Dry Ageing Meat Cabinets.
  • Primeat: Cabinets for Conserving Dry Aged Meat. 
  • Stagionello: Cabinets for Salami Production.
  • Pesciugatore: Cabinets for the Drying and Smoking of Fish. 

Dry Ageing Meat Cabinets - MaturmeatMATURMEAT/DRY AGEING MEAT CABINETS

The only maturation cabinet guaranteed, patented and manufactured 100% in Italy. With their range of dry ageing meat cabinets, you can transform meat into tender, juicy steaks safely and in as little as 11 days. 

The dry ageing meat cabinets are equipped with a particular curing process that transforms fresh meat to increase its shelf life, tenderise and increase flavour naturally. The process makes meat easier to digest and concentrates its beautiful flavour. Maturmeat allows a natural maturing method with its patented micro-climatisation system, coming with a patented pH control system and Fumotic system, which controls and allows you to manage the humidification, smoking and aromatisation of the product inside the cabinet.    

Total View Line: this range of cabinets compliments and enhances the aesthetics of the system, perfect for locations such as butchers, bakeries and restaurants. 

Maturmeat Walkin 400: this cabinet accommodates up to 400KG of meat, which is equivalent to 1,600 tender, juicy steaks. With this dry ageing meat cabinet you can slice, sell over the counter and then put back the meat safely, without disturbing the maturation process within the cabinet. This increases the storage time to up to 120 days, without any need for plastic bags or vacuuming. 

Maturmeat Custom: this cabinet is exactly what it says on the tin – a custom product made for you; production quantity and cycle will vary dependent on model, size and cut of meat you require. 

Colour Rich Line: These beautiful dry ageing meat cabinets come with complimented detailing, rich, stylish colours and sophisticated and innovative design, adding to and enhancing your business’ personality. 

There is a lot more information on each of these lines and much more in the Maturmeat Catalogue – click here


  • Transforms meat into tender, juicy steaks. 
  • Guarantees high quality standards, dry ageing safely and according to tradition. 
  • Simple and easy to use. 
  • Quick to install.
  • Guaranteed technical support.
  • 100% authentically made in Italy.
  • Stunning dry ageing meat cabinets to impress your customers.

Dry Ageing Meat Cabinets - PrimeatPRIMEAT

Primeat has a controller thats patented as a method and system for the conservation of short, medium and long term dry aging, with the purpose to protect and promote the production and consumption of typical and traditional foods. The Primeat Dry Aging Conservation Cabinets come with unique, innovative, patented technology which creates and controls the perfect climate for your dry aged meat. This technology controls the moisture, ventilation and humidity, which means there is no need for salt blocks or other substances which could spread harmful bacteria to your valuable product. Primeat is the result of years of study on traditional methods, culminating with the most advanced, low cost system available on the market.

Slim: This cabinet is specifically designed for conserving dry aged meat in tight spaces. An elegant show piece for any location.

Caddy: This cabinet is at your side specifically designed for conserving dry aged meat. The simplest addition to your business with maximum effect and wow factor. 

Expose: This extraordinary cabinet gives you and your guests a 270 degree view of all of your dry aged meat, specifically designed for conserving dry aged meat, as well as giving maximum visual impact. 

For more information and the Primeat brochure click here


Dry Ageing Meat Cabinets - Stagionello


Stagionello is the only curing cabinet 100% made in Italy and patented. Stagionello is the original and first unit to create a series of microclimates ideal for traditional salami processing. On an average of only 20 days, Stagionello can help you produce genuine meat without the need for chemical additives, such as colourants. 

Stagionello allows you to mange the process of humidification, smoking and aromatisation of the product inside the chamber, coming with a patented pH control system and Fumotic system, which controls and allows you to manage all variables such as the humidification, smoking and aromatisation of the product inside the cabinet. ClimaTouch is a revolutionary tool included within the cabinets for the automatic and programmable control sequence of all stages for the curing of meats, with the option to monitor fermentation (pH) ensuring quality. 

Stagionello is equipped with software entirely dedicated to the transformation of traditional food, intuitive and easy to use, with a standard 30 preset recipes that are modifiable by the user. With a 352 kb memory, it also allows you to create many other custom recipes, with the monitoring displayed clearly on the large colour 6″ touch screen.

Mortadella, cooked ham and other products in continuous implementation. A full range of salami that you can only add to the package offered to your customers thanks to this original patent. This information and much more can be found in the Stagionello brochure, click here


  • A product produced in large quantities, high quality and high price.
  • Safety, traditionalism, guaranteed quality, ease of use. 
  • Transform the meat of an animal into a meat product of higher values.
  • Manage your competition by producing your own brand of salami with the modifiable recipes.
  • Free consultation to help transform the meat.
  • Guaranteed technical support nationwide.
  • 100% authentically made in Italy. 


Dry Ageing Meat Cabinets - Pesciugatore


Fresh fish is a high value but highly perishable food, so it must be eaten promptly or discarded, wasting a lot of time and money. Fresh fish is most commonly found near bodies of water, but the advent of refrigerated train and truck transportation has made fish more widely available inland, often being displayed on a bed of crushed ice. Long term preservation of fish is accomplished in a variety of ways. The oldest and still most widely used techniques are drying and salting. Desiccation (complete drying) is commonly used to preserve fish such as cod. Partial drying and salting is popular for the preservation of fish like herring and mackerel. 

Pesciugatore dries and smokes the fish by allowing you to reach the desired temperature and humidity in a short time, to be conserved. The fish undergoes its long natural maturation through a patented system that makes it safer. It guarantees an outstanding product throughout the year worthy of your own personalisation. You select and prepare the fish, Pesciugatore gives you the finished product, safe and full of flavour.

These cabinets transform fish into tender and tasty fish fillets. Pesciugatore is a patented system and is the only one that can guarantee high quality standards. It protects the fish safely according to tradition, with the possibility of flavouring salmon and trout meat, ensuring an exclusive product. All this information and much more can be found in the Pesciugatore brochure, click here.


  • High quantities of high quality products sold at high prices.
  • Salami production transforms the original meat into a product of a higher value.
  • Safety, traditionalism, guaranteed quality and ease of use.
  • Free consultation to help transform the fish.
  • Guaranteed technical support nationwide.
  • 100% authentically made in Italy. 




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