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Marana Forni Traditional Ovens

Marana Forni White's

Marana Forni Traditional Pizza Ovens

Marana Forni began in the late 1980’s, thanks to the intuition of it’s owner Ferdinando Marana. The company began producing and selling wood, gas, pellet and combo-fired traditional pizza ovens for baking pizza and foods in general. Today, the company is synonymous all over the world with prestige, quality and innovation. The Marana Forni brand represents innovative technology, hand in hand with tradition. Their beautiful ovens were soon installed throughout Italy, Europe and more than 70 other countries worldwide. For the most part, this was achieved by word of mouth – the result of satisfied pizza chefs relying on products built using materials and technology of excellent quality. Marana Forni ovens have been chosen for the most important events dedicated to pizza, such as the World Pizza Chef Championships since 1995, as well as the French and Spanish championships. 

A company that has won awards for it’s innovations such as the patented SU&GIU® pizza oven, with a rotating deck which can also be lifted up and down to capture the heat in the oven, and the GENIUS Fast Casual oven (an oven that can be set to cook pizza with just one turn of the pizza deck, without the manual intervention from a pizza chef); Marana Forni also keeps it’s faith in traditional pizza ovens, with the Marana Fisso 120 and the Marana Napulé ovens:

Marana Fisso 120

This static pizza oven is constructed with traditional techniques and materials combined with the technological innovation and passion unique to a Marana Forni. Cooking quality is guaranteed by the choice of materials used and the specific way in which they are mixed. There are no other pizza ovens like a Marana – the result of painstaking development and meticulous testing, strictly performed at the Verona headquarters. The cooking surface has micro-perforations for easier expulsion of moisture from the pizza, and for better, more fragrant cooking – no burning and of course no cooking of surplus flour. Special technical features ensure that this oven complies with legal requirements on quality and safety. 

Marana Napulé

The wood- and gas-fired professional Static oven, certified by the AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana). This is the outcome of Marana Forni’s intensive cooperation and development programme undertaken in association with the master Pizzaioli of Naples. Impressive teamwork, in which the experience of the Neapolitan Pizzaioli and the technological skill of Marana’s craftsmen, together created a unique appliance certified by the AVPN, the Genuine Neapolitan Pizza Association, for both wood- and gas-fired operation. Vesuvian lava stone is included in the exclusive mix of materials used for the ovens construction. 


These beautiful, innovative ovens can be covered to match your restaurant, either with a bare or coloured steel cupola, or a mosaic tiled steel cupola; the cupola can be customised with the colour of your choice, choosing from more than 2000 colours on the RAL, or metal brush colours – vibrant metal colours emphasising the hand-made brushed finish of the cupola. To see more, go to our Marana Forni gallery by clicking here or read more about Marana Forni ovens here.


traditional pizza ovens - mozzarellas

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The Magical Fix to Restrictive Kitchen Ventilation

Evo Event Griddle Fired

We all would like a magical fix to restrictive kitchen ventilation!

The Health and Safety in Catering Liaison Committee considers the lack of adequate kitchen ventilation to be a major problem in catering. Based on their widespread experience of professional kitchens, they believe around 65% may have inadequate ventilation. Correct and sufficient ventilation is fundamental to controlling health and safety risks in kitchens, as well as maintaining hygiene control and food safety

The story: you’re opening a professional kitchen; you know the style of venue you want, you’ve perfected recipes and their origins, you know the area and the cliental. It’s all going swimmingly… you may be playing with ideas of show-cooking for guests (always a wow-factor). But then kitchen ventilation comes in to play. It’s boring and it’s complicated and people are throwing words at you like canopies and hoods and gas interlock systems and you realise you’re not going to have as much freedom as you wanted with your kitchen and equipment

Wouldn’t it be so much simpler if someone had invented a cooking station which comes equipped with internal ventilation? No more worrying, no expensive and bulky installs, no stressing that you may need to move your equipment but then you’ll have to move your ventilation system…

Evo EVent Ventless Griddle Kitchen Ventilation
Evo EVent Ventless Griddle 35E

Let’s all thank the clever people at Evo! An innovative, award-winning piece of equipment – Evo’s EVent Ventless Griddle comes with a built-in ductless downdraft ventilation system, allowing you to place it anywhere to provide a versatile cooking platform. Now you can cook and prepare meals without being restricted!

Evo EVent Ventless Griddle Kitchen Ventilation
Installed into tables for show-cooking


The innovative filtration system provides full containment of smoke, grease and cooking odours with its low noise, high efficiency CFM downdraft ventilation system with chef-side intake aperture and discharge duct. The Evo EVent was awarded the 2015 Kitchen Innovation Award by the National Restaurant Association, as well as Best New Product in Kitchen Design by HX: The Hotel Experience!

Available in with cooktops 24 x 35 inches and 24 x 48 inches. The 35E & 48E Ventless Griddles are electronically controlled rectangular steel cooktops in an integrated downdraft ventilation table. Four independent heaters heat a programmable cooking zone with variable temperatures ranging from 38 to 288 degrees Celsius. A stainless-steel high velocity CFM downdraft filtration system provides full containment and capture from the intake aperture, which is located on the chef-side adjacent to the cooking surface, then a discharge duct on the chef-side returns clean, filtered air.

The filtration system is fully welded stainless steel and utilises a washable stainless-steel grease pre-filter, a washable electrostatic precipitator filter cartridge, and a final stage replaceable activated charcoal filter. A self-contained fire suppression system with cross-pattern nozzles provide a continuous zone of fire protection. Internal fire suppression requires applicable fire permitting and fire commissioning. Internal fire alarm microswitch requires applicable connection to central fire alarm. 

Evo EVent Ventless Griddle 35E Kitchen Ventilation

Evo EVent Ventless Griddle 48E Kitchen Ventilation
Available with or without the table surround


  • Do you have limited back-of-house space and no room for a hood to achieve kitchen ventilation? No problem with Evo EVent Ventless Griddle!
  • Perhaps you want to let your customers see your main event being created… the food! A guaranteed ‘wow-factor’ in any venue.
  • Perfect if you need the freedom of being able to move your cooking equipment quickly and easily whenever you require.
  • The ideal business partner if you’re looking to expand into a non-traditional space.
Evo EVent Ventless Griddle Kitchen Ventilation
Cooking on the griddle


“I have been using your product since 2006 and swear by it. Absolutely one of the most versatile pieces of equipment to hit the Industry since the inverted blender! When we took the kitchen into the dining room at BallenIsles Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, I promised the Board and staff the two indoor electric units and the one outdoor propane unit was a must. They love them from omelets, French toast, grilled cheese, stir-fry, scallops, salmon, satays etc….. there is nothing this cannot do! The Chef at BallenIsles remembers when I used them to feed 10,000 people in Arizona when he came over to help as well.”

                                  –  John P. Bartilomo CEC, CCE
                                     Troon Golf – Vice President, Food & Beverage Operations

Evo EVent Ventless Griddle Kitchen Ventilation
Perfectly simple kitchen equipment


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Cast Iron Cookware: Vegan Approved by the Vegetarian Society

vegetarian society approved logo

Vegan Cookware. Who’s heard of that before?

Increasing numbers of consumers are choosing to opt for an animal-free diet across the UK, with the number of Google searches for ‘Vegan Foods’ quadrupling in the last 4 years. Good news!

With the help of organisations such as The Vegetarian Society, people are able to find products easily that can enhance their lifestyle, ensuring that adopting an animal-free diet is easy! The Vegetarian Society have been independently accrediting products for the last 50 years – anything from food brands to beauty products, with their vegan and vegetarian approved trademarks…

One thing seemingly missing, however, was cookware. 

You can buy the most organic fruits and vegetables and use the highest quality oil, but if your cooking tools are below grade, unfortunately your food is never going to be of the quality you desire. Why spend forever perfecting the most delicious dish and choosing the healthiest products, when common metal cookware such as copper, aluminium and steel can release harmful chemicals into the foods you’re putting into your body? Leaching is a serious issue, but don’t worry…

We have an answer.

Vegan Approved by the Vegetarian Society, we introduce to you Ghisanativa vegan cookware.

‘Ghisanativa’ translates to Native Cast Iron, or Pure Cast Iron. Unlike the common metal cooking tools used in kitchens everywhere, Ghisanativa is made from the purest cast iron, and is made in such a special way that it only transfers the beneficial properties of iron into your foods, which, in turn, helps to prevent and treat anaemia, which is an iron deficiency, common in pregnant women, children and people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

How easy is that! No more worrying about adding iron-rich foods into your recipes, let your vegan cookware do the work for you! 

Leading universities throughout the world, and the most prestigious medical and scientific journals confirm that the use of cast iron cooking tools – provided they are NOT enamel coated – significantly reduce the risk of anaemia, especially when cooking with acidic ingredients such as vinegar, tomato, wine and citrus fruits.

The Ghisanativa cookware range includes a variety of options to suit different each vegan chef’s needs and preferences. Grill Pans, Plain Pans, Woks, Sauce Pans and Coquettes, all picture below. They are compatible with all ovens, except microwave ovens, and come pre-seasoned with Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, giving them a fabulous non-stick surface. 

Vegan Cookware in the Ghisanativa RangeVegan Cookware Lifetime Guarantee


As well as this, Ghisanativa items come with a Lifetime Guarantee on their vegan cookware range. As well as being focused on healthy cooking, the creators of Ghisanativa are also focused on a healthy world, and want to limit wastage and equipment ending up in landfill. For this reason, they offer a Lifetime Guarantee to show how versatile, strong and useful your equipment will be, forever. You will not need to replace your pans or saucepans every year or two when they inevitably get scratched, as you often have to do with the other metals like aluminium, copper and steel. In fact, though Ghisanativa only transfers the beneficial properties of iron into foods, if you accidentally scratch your pan it is very easily fixed. Due to the individual and amazing way the tools are made, to bring your pans back to new all you have to do is clean and dry them, apply a thin layer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, wipe away any excess, then pop them in your oven at the highest heat for 1 hour. After this, you can take it out and leave it to cool, then you will be able to see that your pan is as good as new, with it’s natural non-stick layer back in perfect condition. 

Ghisanativa was created using the ancient wisdom of cast iron cooking; the range is perfect for health-conscious, no-nonsense chefs, with a love for tradition, natural cooking and overall health and life wellbeing. 

Watch this honest review from famous Vegan Chef Day Radley

For more information on how these beautiful pans are created, visit the Ghisanativa page here on White’s Foodservice Equipment website, where you have available to you brochures, leaflets, information, images, videos and the Online Shop where the vegan cookware can be purchased.

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Which Dough Mixer do I choose?

When creating your dough, you probably put a lot of time and effort into choosing the correct ingredients, as well as ensuring that you give each batch the time and love it deserves. However, that’s just not enough – in order to achieve a perfect product, the right equipment must also be used. There are two types of dough mixers available – professional and commercial. It is definitely worthwhile investing in a professional dough mixer, and here’s why:

Pizza after dough mixer

Dough Mixers are an essential element for ensuring success – they’re not just for mixing raw ingredients, but to also push water into flour and increase absorption through mechanical action. The better the dough mixer is at achieving this, the more water will be absorbed into the flour, increasing the quality of your dough.

A professional dough mixer always has double speed, and sometimes a double engine too; the double speed oxygenates the dough very well and much faster by increasing the mechanical action of pushing water into flour, therefore increasing the hydration. In addition, professional models give a thoroughly mixed, homogeneous batch of dough with significant elasticity. Having two motors increase these capabilities even more because, when double speed is activated, it accelerates the spiral, allowing the bowl to rotate at the same speed and increase the friction between the spiral and dough. It has been found that with the commercial mixer less hydration occurs and, overall, they produce relatively inelastic dough.

Following this, professional dough mixers have rounded bowls, and commercial dough mixers often have bowls with sharp corners where dough can get stuck and become unreachable, especially when the quantity of the dough is small. The material of the bowl is also important – professional die-cast bowls are made of a material that reduces vibration and heat conduction, and thus it doesn’t heat the dough as much as a commercial mixer by a fair amount. Commercial mixer bowls often vibrate a lot, conducting heat and warming the dough which leaves the chef with difficulty when handling the product once mixed.

The size and shape of the spiral is very important also – professional mixers have spirals with a radius that is smaller at the end and with the smallest distance between the end of the spiral and the bottom of the bowl. The commercial mixers sometimes have the same shape and size spiral, but often with larger distances between the end of the spiral and the bottom of the bowl, giving a lower quality knead, sometimes unsatisfactory, compared to professional mixers.

In summary, a professional dough mixer is a definite worthwhile investment if you wish for your product to be adequately hydrated, not over-heated, and if you wish your dough to be correctly kneaded without manual intervention.

Some facts and quotes in this blog post were taken from the book ‘Let’s Start From the Flour’ by Luigi Ricchezza.

If you’d rather watch and not read, here is Davide D’Auria from Eurostar Commodities, an Italian Pizza Expert, showing why he prefers a professional mixer:


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Ghisanativa Cooking Tools: A Caterer’s Best Friend

Ghisanativa vans

Finally! A range of catering equipment that is suitable for all cooking techniques! Style and convenience all wrapped into one – perfectly suited to caterers everywhere. Ghisanativa’s range of cooking tools are created from the purest cast iron; an original, ancient and noble material that is undisputed in the kitchen over the centuries. The nature of the metal allows it to gather and retain heat for far longer than any other material. The clever people at Fonderia Finco in Italy have used their expertise in cast iron to create Ghisanativa – a range of cookware, cooking carts and burners which allow you more freedom with your menu, so you no longer have to worry about bringing a vast range of catering equipment to each venue to suit all of your different cooking techniques.

Ghisanativa provide tools which create the very best tasting foods, cooked on the very best materials, with healthy-cooking always at the forefront of their creations – what more could you possibly ask for to keep your client happy…? Serving them in style! With Ghisanativa’s cooking carts – a one-of-a-kind product – your customers and their guests will be amazed at how carefully and stylishly created your cooking tools are! Conceived and designed to last, Ghisanativa’s cooking carts are the perfect partner for catering, live-cooking, flambé cooking, or cooking shows – being safe and approved to use both indoors and outdoors.

In this new age of Instagram capturing your every move, why not offer your customers a catering experience they would be proud to photograph with an inventive and interactive side to it – allowing them to see exactly what is going into their meals, and seeing you cook it with skill and confidence on your beautiful Ghisanativa catering equipment.

The beautiful Sothis Cooking Cart is available in two sizes to suit your needs: Catering Equipment - Sothis Carts

The Sothis Cooking Carts are compatible with all Ghisanativa burners, which can be used either on top of the cart, or stand-alone on a flat surface of your choosing: Catering Equipment - Burners

As well as that, Ghisanativa have a wide range of cookware that include Grill Pans, Plain Pans, Wok pans, Sauce Deep pans and Coquettes, available in a range of sizes to suit your needs:

Catering Equipment - Cookware

Ghisanativa’s range of cooking tools have many benefits – cast iron is an alloy of iron and carbon that is easy to mould, dense and extremely strong, as well as being naturally non-stick with excellent corrosion resistance. As well as that, Ghisanativa’s stunning cookware transfers all beneficial properties of iron into your food, helping to treat and prevent anaemia, perfect for vegetarians, vegans and people who struggle to get enough iron in their diets. 

The Ghisanativa range is perfect for catering professionals and lovers of responsible, healthy cooking with an open-minded approach to the future, but feet firmly planted in tradition. 

Catering Equipment in Action


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White’s Foodservice Equipment at Hotelympia 2018

hotelympia logo

White’s Foodservice Equipment is coming to Hotelympia again, ready and excited to showcase our range of Professional Kitchen Equipment!

It’s that exiting time of the year – the UK’s leading hospitality and foodservice event, where thousands of us come together in London and show off our brilliant products, giving customers the perfect equipment for them to deliver the best quality food!

We will be exhibiting at stands 1228 and 1760 – come and say hello!

Here’s a summary of some of the fantastic professional kitchen equipment brands we will be showcasing on our stands:



Professional Kitchen Equipment - Marana ForniEstablished in the late 1980s in Verona, Italy, in under 30 years these manufacturers have gone on to achieve major landmarks in the history of pizza ovens using wood, gas, and combined systems – revolutionising the way pizza is cooked! Marana Forni created the first wood-fired rotating oven and is known as a pioneer in the industry. All ovens can be delivered ready assembled, or they can be built on site by our experienced technicians and are backed up by efficient after-sales service. Marana Forni continues to upgrade its products, meeting every kind of requirement with models, fuel types, sizes and finishing that have enabled the company to work in more than 75 countries around the world. These ovens are now also approved for use in clean air zones throughout the UK and in 2016 we launched a new traditional fixed base AVPN approved oven, in either gas or wood, specifically for the production of real Neapolitan pizzas. A solid brand that is synonymous with prestige, Italian style and exclusive quality!




Professional Kitchen Equipment - CharcoaThe Charcoa grill is the ultimate in charcoal grilling and theatre style cooking using solid lumpwood charcoal which allows for high cooking temperatures. Completely open at the front with high temperature glass doors under the grill to allow for extra visual enhancement. The range of styles and sizes make this a truly unique product that is tailored to the customers’ specific needs and requirements. Cooking over hot embers is one of the oldest known cooking methods known. The Charcoa has perfected this to suit today’s needs with a controllable, user-friendly, modern design, manufactured to the highest standards and allowing for the rigors of heavy-duty use.









Professional Kitchen Equipment - XLT XLT are global manufacturers of best-in-class conveyor pizza ovens and exhaust hoods designed for pizza takeaway and delivery chains, and independents alike. These pizza ovens are setting new standards for fast, reliable and consistent baking backed by a 5 year parts and labour warranty.






Professional Kitchen Equipment - Gi Metal Made in Italy to the highest standard, these tools are a must for any pizziola. A huge range that includes tools for real Neapolitan pizza production, as well as for gluten-free products. From robust to lightweight, Gi Metal have everything you could possibly need to produce and serve pizza. Here at White’s Foodservice Equipment we hold a large amount of stock at all times, ready for immediate delivery.









Professional Kitchen Equipment - DoriFor over 50 years, Dori’s highly skilled carpenters have been producing the best in handmade pizza and food serving boards. Dori products are 100% natural, with no bindings or glue. The peels are unique for handling, lightness and longevity compared to mass produced tools. All serving boards come treated to ensure food safety, and all wood used is RECC approved.






Professional Kitchen Equipment - ElianiEliani’s mixers and dough rounders are recommended by the best chefs in the world because of their thoughtful and innovative design – the mixers work by mimicking typical movement of human arms, working and oxidising the dough, whilst obtaining maximum homogeneity and uniformity of the mixture without heating. The dough rounders are the best piece of professional kitchen equipment way to produce perfectly formed dough balls easily, consistently and quickly. Eliani’s mixers and rounders are a pizza chef’s best friend, and the perfect tools to obtain perfect pizza dough.








Professional Kitchen Equipment - EvoAn innovative, award-winning piece of professional kitchen equipment, Evo’s Event ventless griddle comes with a built-in ductless downdraft ventilation system, allowing you to place it anywhere to provide a versatile cooking platform, allowing you to cook and prepare meals without the restrictions imposed by externally vented hoods and duct work. The innovative filtration system provides full containment of smoke, grease and cooking odours. The Evo Event was awarded the 2015 Kitchen Innovation Award by the National Restaurant Association, as well as Best New Product in Kitchen Design by HX: The Hotel Experience!







Professional Kitchen Equipment - MaturmeatA range of dry-aging and meat-maturing cabinets that set the standard worldwide. From built-in cabinets to 360 degree viewing pass-through cabinets, all are built with many patents and unique features to suit every application – from a small butchery shop to award-winning fine-dining establishments. Models are also available for the drying, smoking and salting of fish, safe-aging and maturing of cheese and the perfect fermentation, drying and seasoning of traditional salami.









Professional Kitchen Equipment - GhisanativaThe range of beautiful and unique products are manufactured by Fonderia Finco in Campo San Martino, Northern Italy. The Ghisanativa cookware range is made from extremely pure cast iron, an original material that is undisputed in the kitchen over the centuries. The range includes grill plates and hot plates – the perfect choice for perfectionists, as well as burners that include the Elios Plus, Elios Wok and Elios Infrared – powerful cookers that provide you with the flexibility required in today’s environment. The cookers are all compatible with the Sothis professional cooking cart – using the best technology, quality and design, this cart is the perfect tol for cooking shows, flambe cooking and show cooking. All items in the Ghisanativa range are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.




Professional Kitchen Equipment - Whites

As you can see we’ve got some amazing pieces of professional kitchen equipment to showcase to you this year!

Hotelympia at ExCel London, 5-8 March 2018. Pop the date in your diary and get down to stands 1228 and 1760!

 Professional Kitchen Equipment - Hotelympia

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Dori – Wooden Pizza Accessories

dori wooden serving boards

Wooden Serving Boards - Dori Logo

Wooden serving boards and accessories are spreading like wildfire across the UK restaurant industry, fast becoming the most popular and trendy way to serve food. Dori is an Italian, family-run company that has been producing quality wooden serving boards and pizza restaurant accessories for over 50 years. Their quality materials and creative craftsmanship together produce the perfect tools for a variety of uses. You will easily see the difference in their unique design and quality products, compared to mass-produced wooden serving boards.  

Dori’s handmade pizza peels and wooden serving boards are unique for handling, lightness and longevity. Every product produced is made from wood which is RECC approved and considered the very best material for the presenting of traditional Italian cheeses such as Regganio Parmesan, Grana Padano and Roman Pecorino.

Wood is naturally hygroscopic, absorbing and attracting moisture which helps maintain food for greater holding and serving.


Wooden Serving Boards 1

Wooden Serving Boards 2

Wooden Serving Boards 3 

Dori items we stock include long and short handle pizza peels, wooden serving boards, cutting boards, paddles, table stands, all of various shapes and sizes and available for you to order online before 2pm and receive the Next Working Day. Dori manufacture a vast range of beech and beech plywood servers and peels; they come with a variety of treated and untreated wood for cooked or uncooked foods, as well as fantastic advice on wood maintenance and food safety.

All Dori items are available to customise and personalise with your branding. For a small fee initially to make your metal branding logo, after that we can heat brand your design onto any Dori item you order – for just 50 pence a piece!

A truly original and beautiful brand with unique items… what are you waiting for? Order your wooden serving boards and accessories online now for our best prices and Next Working Day Delivery!


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Ghisanativa – Cast Iron Cooking Tools

Chef Using Ghisanativa Vegan Cookware Ravioli

“Ghisanativa’s cast iron cooking tools are made for catering professionals and lovers of responsible, healthy cooking with an open-minded approach to the future but feet firmly planted in tradition.”

Fonderia Finco is the family run business, based in Italy that has been going strong since 1945. They had a passion… they wanted to reinterpret tradition, get rid of needless frills and focus on ancient wisdom to emphasise the need for organic cooking.

Ghisanativa was born.

Ghisanativa is a cookware range that was consciously designed, with a creation process formulated over the years until perfected and beautifully finished – always with healthy and safe cooking being the at the forefront of their creation.

Cast Iron Cooking Tools

Cast iron is a symbol of tradition, domestic warmth, and common-sense cooking. Not only that, but cast iron is suitable to use with all cooking techniques, and its properties enables it to gather far more heat and retain it for much longer than another other material. On top of that, it releases the heat more slowly and evenly, and keeps food hotter for longer when removed from the hob.

All of Ghisanativa‘s cast iron cooking tools are made from extremely pure cast iron – an original material that is undisputed in the kitchen over the centuries. Naturally, food does not stick to cast iron utensils, so requires no treatment or coating that can release corrosive or toxic gases when reaching certain temperatures. This is one of the reasons Fonderia Finco was drawn to cast iron for the Ghisanativa range – promoting health in cooking.

Cast Iron Cooking Tools - Burner 1Cast Iron Cooking Tools - Burner 2Cast Iron Cooking Tools - CartsCast Iron Cooking Tools - Burner 3

The creation of the cast iron cooking tools: the minerals loaded into the furnace are uncompromisingly selected: carbon graphite and haematite, a mineral containing up to 60% iron. Heated to 1530℃ in a process that conforms to the strictest environmental standards, these minerals melt, leaving behind all traces of slag, and fuse to produce pure, molten cast iron, ready for casting in the finest sand and clay moulds. Each mould is then destroyed on cooling, so every Ghisanativa item is unique to its owner. Once extracted from the mould, Ghisanativa is given its essential and exceptional non-stick finish, achieved in the purest way without any chemicals or enamels. The cookware is then re-heated to 900℃ in an oxygen-free atmosphere inside a special oven. This process creates a tough layer of magnetite on the surface of the metal, protecting every Ghisanativa item against rust. At this point, a film of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is applied by hand, then the products are put back into an oven and once again subjected to intense heat. At 400℃ the harmful compounds liberated when oil exceeds its smoke point evaporate and disperse, leaving the residual compounds of the oil to polymerise with the metal. This creates a black cooking surface that is satin-smooth to the touch, scratch-proof with all common kitchen utensils and extremely resistant to high temperatures. Most importantly, this surface has a natural non-stick finish that remains effective for years and is enhanced and strengthened by even the smallest quantities of oil.

Another unique benefit of using the Ghisanativa range, is that the cast iron transfers only the beneficial properties of iron into your food, which in turn helps treat and prevent anaemia. 

Without forgetting that in the kitchen, cast iron has been making life a little more comfortable, pleasant, healthy and tasty for centuries, Fonderia Finco’s innovative Ghisanativa range is perfect for any health conscious and safe cooking enthusiast, and a must-have range for every chef’s kitchen.

Cast Iron Cooking Tools - Chef



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The International Pizza Expo 2018

international pizza expo logo

“The largest Pizza Expo in the world” returns!

The International Pizza Expo at the Las Vegas Conference Centre is a date to pop in your diary!

Hosting seminars, workshops and menu demonstrations, it is a fantastic way to network with your fellow pizza professionals! Running from the 19th until the 22nd March 2018, The International Pizza Expo will be celebrating it’s 34th consecutive year of the nation’s fastest growing show in the food service industry – ranked as one of the Top 200 trade shows in the U.S.

Some of the companies that will be exhibiting at the International Pizza Expo 2018 will include XLT ovens and Gi Metal, both supplied by White’s Foodservice Equipment Ltd.

Pizza Expo - XLT

XLT manufacture the highest quality conveyor ovens and cost efficient exhaust hoods for casual dining establishments, and are used by some of the world’s largest and most well known pizza chains. Benefits of the XLT conveyor oven are high quality results, even pizza bakes, easy controls and super quiet operation.

You can find XLT at Booth 2714.

Pizza Expo - Gi Metal

Gi Metal produce pizza accessory tools that focus on quality, practicality and beauty worldwide. Gi Metal tools are sought after because of their high level of quality whilst also being fantastic value for money. They have a wide range of products on offer including pizza peels (perforated, solid, small, Napoletana), brushes, pizza peel racks, cutters, pizza dough boxes and lots more!

You can find Gi Metal at Booth 1646.

However, if you just cannot wait until March 2018 to take a look at these products, feel free to call White’s Foodservice Equipment on 01527 528841 and book an appointment to see our beautiful showroom, where these brands and more are available to try in our Test Kitchen all year round! We are based in Redditch, Worcestershire.

Pizza Expo - White's

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Napoli Pizza Village, 2016

napoli pizza village

Naples, which is the town famous for creating Italy’s most famous export, the pizza, is currently hosting the Napoli Pizza Village in celebration of that fact. First held in 2011, the event it now being held for the 6th consecutive year. The event took place from 6th to the 11th of September At the event you could sample the best examples of the original Neapolitan pizza and among other things at the festival you can learn how to make the perfect pizza dough as well as the traditional tomato sauce.
The highlight of the event is the World Pizza Maker Championship. Held for the 15th time, it is returning to Naples this year again. The contest gathers the best pizza making experts in the world in location to fight it out. The contest consists of 8 sections that includes the likes of the best classical pizza, deep-dish pizza and a freestyle contest among others.

The Napoli Pizza Village, 2016 was the best opportunity for a tourist to have enjoyed the beautiful city of Naples. Don’t worry, if you missed it this year, you can always come back next year and join in with the fun.