Welcome to our Warehouse!

Want to visit our showroom and warehouse? Please call us on 01527 528841 to book an appointment

The best way to know if a product is right for you and your business is to see it in action!  Here at White’s headquarters, we have a fully functional kitchen and showroom which houses our range of large kitchen appliances. As well as this, a full warehouse of all our pizza kitchen supplies and accessories available for you to browse. When you book a visit with us, you will receive the opportunity to get hands on and pick the brains of our ‘all things pizza’ experts.  We understand how invaluable this can be when deciding what equipment and accessories you need for your business.

Showroom and Kitchen

Our fully functional showroom is worth a visit if you’re in the business for a brand-new pizza oven, dough rounder, mixer or even deep freezer. We have a wide range of our large kitchen accessories and appliances here for you to get up close and personal with. We understand the importance of picking the right appliance for you and your business.  That is why we value giving you an opportunity to see the products in action and ask any questions you might have.  

In the Warehouse

We also invite customers to have access to our warehouse. Hosting all of our pizza accessories and supplies, this is a great opportunity to browse and buy everything you need for your business. We aim to sell everything you require from the start of the pizza making process to service. From ingredient bins to peels to serving boards and other kitchen accessories. You will be able to feel the quality of our reliable products that will serve your business and your customers perfectly!

An excellent perk of coming into the warehouse to see us is that you're able to take the items home with you the day you come, no waiting for delivery!

Want to visit our showroom and warehouse? Please call us on 01527 528841 to book an appointment

Meet Manu, our passionate Italian Chef

We’d like to give a warm welcome to our training and development chef, Emanuele.

Early Life

Emanuele was born and raised in Sicily, Italy. Coming from a traditional Italian food loving family, this is where his passion for pizza began. Emanuele was cooking from a very young age, which resulted in him perusing an education in cooking in Italy.  So, it’s safe to say Emanuele is very knowledgeable in Italian culinary arts.

Moving to the UK

Moving to the UK in 2014, Emanuele brought the authentic Italian cooking techniques and expertise with him. Working as a chef in many restaurants within the food industry, more specifically Neapolitan pizzerias across the UK, until joining White’s Foodservice Equipment last year in August, as a development chef.

Manu cooking up tasty pizza at our on-site kitchen.

Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli

Emanuele is currently in training to be a certified training instructor through the prestigious Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli.

Emanuele is scheduled to be fully qualified to teach in May, in which we will schedule some brand-new courses.

Where to find Emanuele

You can find Emanuele on our social channels if you haven’t already. Whether it is his helpful tutorial videos or photos of his demonstrations, you will be seeing more of him across our social platforms.

Emanuele has already settled in with all the staff at Whites, he’s known as quite the character, managing to put a smile on everyone’s face.

For training or product demonstrations at our kitchen or yours give Emanuele a call on 01527 528841.

Why is everyone talking about Detroit Pizza?

A hero’s origin story

Picture this. It’s the year 1940 something and it’s a hot summer in Detroit and the air is thick. A tired car mechanic is exhausted from a long day’s work in the heat. He could kill for a pizza. He fantasises about going to his local pizzeria but doesn’t think only one pizza will even nearly satisfy his hunger. And so, the Legend goes, as he finishes emptying the oil from his large, deep rectangle blue steel tray, he has an idea. How about a pizza made this thick? Made from this pan!

And this is how Detroit Pizza was born. Well…almost.

The pizza was developed in 1946 at Buddy's Rendezvous, a pizza restaurant in Detroit, and the pans were originally the blue steel pans used by mechanics in the motor city to drain oil, and store their nuts and bolts.

A yummy looking Detroit Pizza by @Pizzaislovely

Since then

The Detroit-style pizza was popular throughout the Detroit area but until the 2010s was not often found at restaurants outside the area. In 2011 two Detroit brothers opened a Detroit-style pizza restaurant in Austin, Texas. In 2012, a New York restaurateur created a pizza he called "Detroit-style" using focaccia dough, mozzarella, and ricotta.

And thus, “Detroit-style” Pizza started growing across the US.

The growth was so fast, it attracted the attention of the premium pan makers, Lloyd Pans. Known for their innovation and precision, Lloyd pans adopted the Detroit style pans.

Sauce Dripping Goodness by Ramona in Manchester


Meanwhile across the pond. As interest grew in America, a few revolutionary Brits were adopting the technique. However, were struggling to source the pans. Looking for help, these experimental chefs took to social media in hopes of finding the best equipment.

This is where our forward-thinking Whites team first heard about the pizza. Eager to solve the problem, our team contacted already familiar suppliers Lloyd Pans. In 2019, Whites made their first order of 8x10 inch and 10x14 inch pans.

As predicted, pizzerias and pizzaioli’s across the UK fell in love with Detroit Pizza. Due to the fresh and tasty Detroit pizza recipe, along with the incredible design of the Lloyd pans. The special PSTK (Pre Seasoned Tuff-Kote) coating makes baking easy peasy, and the convenient sizing of 8x10 inch and 10x14inch were easy to add to menus for many restaurants and quickly became customer favourites. And when the world closed for the pandemic and the wave of the “pandemic pizza” emerged, we saw many new Detroit pizza businesses open.


Nowadays, there a growing number of pizzerias across the UK who have Detroit Pizza as their staple Pizza Style.

You may have already visited some of our Detroit pan loving customers, the powerhouse of Detroit Pizza in London, the very trendy Ramona in Manchester, or the brilliant Bad Boy Pizza Society in various parts of the country.

If you find yourself munching on the crispy cheese edges of a sauce loaded Detroit pizza anytime soon, just know that Lloyd Pan probably made its way from our very own Whites Warehouse.

Same-day collection NOW AVAILABLE

We are very happy to announce, by popular demand, Whites Foodservice Equipment can now officially offer an easy way to order a same- day collection through our website.

This is after realising many of our customers would prefer a collection service. Customers may be booked for a consultancy appointment with our very own chef Davide or Chef Emanuele and would like to buy some accessories at the same time, or customers may like to avoid the shipping charges or would like to come and see items for themselves and request our free cut down service of peels/brushes in person.

So, after realising this we wanted to create an easy and user-friendly way for our customers to arrange a same-day collection through our website.

So how do you do it?

To arrange a collection, order through the website, just as you would usually, however when you get the checkout, put your usual billing address but change the shipping address to our address!

Which is:

Whites Foodservice Equipment

Unit 8, Padgets Lane,

South Moons Moat Industrial Estate,


B98 0RA

(But don’t worry too much about the wordy bits, the only important part is the postcode)

This way, our warehouse department is instantly alerted that this is a collection order, and all shipping charges are removed for you!

Yes, it really is that easy….

All payments methods remain the same, so you can still pay with a card/PayPal or even Pay in 3!

The boring bits

Collections are available for pick up between our opening hours, which is Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. This means same day collection is not available during holidays and weekend.

If you place your order after 3pm, we cannot guarantee it will be ready for same-day collection.

So, there it is! We would like to thank you for your support in this new method and are always open to making our systems more accessible and easier to use. So, feel free to contact us with any feedback. We are always happy to hear from you!

Our NEW Italian Pizza School!

We now have an in-house Pizza Academy, taught by our expert chef, Davide.


The Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli (Italian Pizza School) was created to teach professional pizza making. Born in the 80's and originating in Caorle, in the province of Venice. This School combines the passion of traditional, age-old methods and the desire to use scientific research and modern methodologies. This gives the student a detailed yet hands on learning experience.

The only certified school in Italy with physical locations both nationally and worldwide. With the main headquarters still located on Caorle, Venice, Scuola Italian Pizzaioli has expanded throughout the world. Having learning centres USA, China, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Germany and France, and with new openings in Spain, Portugal, Albania, England, Bulgaria, Belgium, Holland, Argentina, Russia, Mexico, Peru and Colombia.

Your Instructors

With the assistance of our qualified chefs, Davide. Born and raised in Italy, our chef has ample experience in the art of pizza making. You may already have received help or guidance from him through our development or consulting activities, or you may recognise him from their helpful tips and recipes on our social media. You will be professionally trained by him through the prestigious Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli to become an expert yourself, in authentic pizza making.

The Course

Our VERY first class is taking place July 27th-28th.

The first specialised programme that will be taking place is the Neapolitan Pizza course. This course is specifically for those with existing experience in Pizza making, however wish to elevate their skills to a whole new level. You will be guided through traditional age-old methods, and new trends and skill within the Neapolitan Pizza Making,

Book now to secure a place, as spaces are filling up quickly.

How to Book

Email: [email protected]

Or call: 01527 528841

Highlights from 2021.

We’ve had quite the year here at White’s foodservice Equipment. Even in unprecedented times, this year has been full of so many milestones and events. Join us as we go through our memories of 2021...

Delivery Improvements

Way back in May, we changed our main delivery method for online orders to DPD. This was due to most of our customers choosing DPD as their preferred courier. Not only do you now benefit from helpful delivery notifications, but also benefit from the super-fast service. We continue to use UPS and Parcelforce for the items they specialise in delivering safely – long and large parcels such as pizza peels and brushes.

Charity Donation

May was a busy month for us, a special highlight for us this was when White’s Foodservice Equipment director, Tim White was pleased to donate to help educate students in Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos. Through the organisations Canguro English and Pencils for Promise, Tim’s donation helped these dedicated organisations provide a quality education to children around the world.


Not only did we grow a lot last year, but we doubled in size – literally! We bought the Unit next door to ours, so now we run across both Unit 7 & Unit 8, Padgets Lane. This meant brand new offices, even more vehicles and delivery vans, a new mezzanine, and a breath-taking showroom that has doubled in size. And with all this growth, in June, Whites Foodservice Equipment had the pleasure of being featured in an article in the Redditch Standard.


With the expansion came the need for some newbies to join the team. In 2021 we welcomed 8 brand new members of staff! We welcomed Tom in the warehouse, Jayne and Vikki in Accounts, Sergio our new Pizza Chef, Pav in Marketing as well as Yosha, Simon, and Luke, our lovely new engineers.

Zio Ciro Area

One of our most special achievements this year is the brand new Ziro Ciro Outdoor Area we now have! This gives us an opportunity to showcase these stunning pieces of equipment and a chance to show off their full potential in a beautiful outdoor area. For a proper look, have a peek at our Instagram.

The European Pizza and Pasta show

As Autumn approached, so did the highly anticipated European Pizza and Pasta Show at Olympia London. Designed to help bring together pizza makers and pizza lovers by INTER Expos Limited in association with PAPA – Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food Association. We have many highlights from this event, for a closer look at our team showcasing their skills, you can see our photos on our website or on our Instagram.

Festive Fun

It is very clear which time of year is the favourite by all our staff here at White’s. The entire team were very enthused to get into the festive spirit. You may have already seen from this from our social media. As well as decorating the offices, the team came together to celebrate #christmasjumperday.

2021 was most definitely an eventful year for us here at White’s. We would like to thank you for all of the support we have received over this year. We hope you can continue to grow with us not only in 2022, but for many years to come.

Our new Website: see what all the fuss is about.

Have you seen our new website? It was designed with you in mind!

Clean, crisp, professional - yet simple. Not only is the design new & improved, but we have made it even easier to navigate and access. Over the years we have increased our product offering, and now have hundreds & hundreds of accessories available for immediate dispatch. For this reason, our Online Shop menu needed refreshing – we hope you now find it even easier to navigate and find what you need much more quickly.

So go ahead – take a peek here!

Everything you need, when you need it.

Don’t worry – we haven’t changed our incredible range of products and services on offer . We still have everything you need on our website and more. This includes our huge range of pizza accessories, our tried & tested market leading equipment, the helpful servicing and parts section and our highly sought-after pizza consultancy and training.

Ordering made easy with our new layout!

After you find what you need, you can now order using our seamless system. Pay with PayPal Checkout, credit or debit card, or (coming soon) Pay in 3 via PayPal. Made for your convenience we have made ordering easier than ever before. But if for any reason you need to get in touch, you can easily find the Contact Us and Support buttons, also thanks to our new simple website design.

Connect to us no matter where you are. Let’s get social!

Scroll down at any time on our website and you will find our “Stay in the loop!” feature. Click on any of the icons and be instantly transported to our socials. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and spend hours getting lost in all our YouTube Videos.

Now all our social media are easy to jump to.

We would love to know what you think. Feel free to let us know on any of our socials!

A Peel For Every Need

A peel to suit the needs of each and every pizza maker

Different sizes, shapes, materials - perforated or smooth, different head and handle sizes. Large launching peels for - you guessed it! - launching your pizza into your oven; small turning peels for turning your pizza while baking, and removing it from the oven when cooked to perfection. 



A wide range of choice

Gi Metal offer a wide range of peels to suit the needs of each and every pizza maker. Different styles and sizes to suit:

A complete line which is characterised by lightness, extreme strength and flexibility. The Azzurra line is able to satisfy any need of the professional pizza maker, and is our most popular selling line by Gi Metal. A wide range of accessories - peels, turning peels, brushes, pizza-by-the-metre peels... Azzurra has something for every professional kitchen. 

Evoluzione is enriched with the characteristics of the Azzurra Line - lightness and flexibility - combined with a brand new and improved perforation design. The new arrangement of the holes increase performance in terms of smoothness and draining of the flour. The new aesthetic details offer style and elegance. The Special Hard Anodising gives maximum performance in terms of heat resistance, smoothness and durability. 

A line designed to meet the needs of pizza makers who make pizza in the traditional Neapolitan style - in ovens at very high temperatures and at the maximum frequency of use. Enhanced material, special circular perforation and laser engraving make this tool unique. AVPN Approved to make true Neapolitan Pizza.

A complete range for residential use - designed for private users who use their pizza oven only occasionally, or as a hobby. A range of lightweight, quality and handy tools.

A line dedicated for pizza makers who make gluten-free pizza for their coeliac customers. This range maintains the characteristics of the Azzurra line, but distinguishes it with the green colour and easily identifiable Gluten Free logo. Exclusive use, differentiated tools designed specially to make your kitchen a safer place. Tools that are instantly recognisable in the working environment. 


Which size head?

Within all of the above ranges by Gi Metal you will be able to find a peel head size that is right for you and the pizza you are creating. Standard sizes include the following: 33x33cm, 36x36cm, 41x41cm, 45x45cm or 50x50cm. 

The Azzurra Line has a pizza peel head which is only 30x30cm - this is perfect for most home ovens and small professional electric ovens, placed inside or in your own outdoor space, garden or terrace. The Amica line also has smaller peels which are more competitively priced, such as the 32x30cm designed for occasional use

We also have a wide range of peels for Pizza-by-the-Metre - peels as large as 110cm x 40cm. Alternatively, we have a range of peels to suit non-standard shaped pizza, or peels for bakeries and Romana pizza. 

Which size handle?

The length of the handle depends mainly on 3 variables:

In general we can say that the handle must be long enough to avoid burns. Therefore the type of oven (electric / wood / gas / tunnel), its opening and the depth of the oven mouth are the 3 characteristics that influence the choice of the peel. The shorter handle is recommended for tunnel ovens and small bar ovens. A mid-length handle is suggested for professional electric ovens, while the long handles are suitable for large artisan ovens.
We stock all peels in a standard handle length - we cut the handles down free of charge for all of our customers - both launching peels and turning peels. Just give us a call or place a note in the NOTES section when ordering online stating the total length you would like the peel - from head to end of handle. 

Gi Metal peels can be used for all types of pizza, but some are designed to be used with particular types of pizza. For the classic standard pizza we recommend the heads 33 and 36 cm, while for the maxi sizes we recommend the heads from 41 to 50 cm. For special pizza formats (by the meter, in pala, Roman) Gi Metal offers specific peels and perforated boards.

If the movement space outside the oven is very limited, we recommend a peel/ small peel with a short handle. If, on the other hand, there are no space problems, the standard length is 150cm, which we keep stock of as standard. The maximum length available is 200cm, recommended for deep ovens and no limits or constraints for the exit manoeuvre - we can order this specially for you with an average lead time of 6 weeks, however, the standard handles suit the majority of professional kitchens.

If you need any further help choosing the peel that's right for you, your oven and your pizza, please don't hesitate to get in touch! One of our team will be happy to help: 01527 528841. 

European Pizza & Pasta Show 2021

We are back!

We are very excited to announce we are back and exhibiting at the European Pizza and Pasta show once again this year. A lot has changed since the 2019 show, but we are very excited to see our friends and lovely customers back at Olympia London. Come and visit us at stand E50 where we will be cooking live on our pizza equipment! 

This year we are cooking live with the following fantastic pieces of equipment: 

Quality every step of the way

At White’s Foodservice Equipment we have extensive experience of the catering industry built over decades of working with customers and being able to identify their needs. We stock a range of tried, tested, and highly recommended products such as Marana Forni pizza ovens, Eliani professional dough mixers, XLT Conveyor ovens, Scugnizzo AVPN Approved electric deck ovens, Gi Metal accessories and much, much more.

We serve every customer with the same care and attention to detail, from a single pizza pan to a full oven installation, you can be assured of top-quality service from start to finish. If you have a question or query you can get in touch any time by giving us a call or dropping us an email – one of our team will be happy to help.

Take a look below to see 2019's European Pizza & Pasta Show:


Interview with Ferdinando Marana, founder of Marana Forni

Interview with Ferdinando Marana, founder of the Marana Forni company, pioneer and visionary who revolutionized the way of cooking pizza by patenting the first rotating oven.


"It all began at the end of the 1980s from an intuition of mine which turned out to be a winning one: to build a wood or gas pizza oven that would turn the pizzas independently and had the hob always hot.  The goal I set for myself was to shorten the waiting times and churn out pizzas always cooked to perfection.  Where did I start from?  I visited 107 pizzerias, going from pizza maker to pizza maker, to understand what the major problems of their work were.  After listening to them, I collected all their ideas and from here began the construction of the first prototype of the Marana oven, which took 6 years to complete.
"This is how Marana Forni was born in 1992 and with it the first patent in the world for a rotating oven for pizzerias.  Such an innovative technology first conquered only the hearts of the most modern pizza chefs, while others were initially wary of this new machine. However, within a few years, thanks to word of mouth, our revolution began, to become the reality it is today, present in more than 85 countries around the world. What can I say, I've seen it along!"


"In my opinion, to be successful in the business world it is first of all necessary to strongly believe in one's ideas and in what one wants to achieve. We have to believe in it, this is the central factor to succeed in any workplace. It is equally essential to never remain firm on one's own convictions but to be constantly open to dialogue, comparison and even constructive criticism, always being projected towards the future and innovation."


"2020 ended in a very positive way for us. Despite the out-of-the-ordinary situation that we all found ourselves facing, we still managed to increase our sales. We can only be satisfied with the work done and the results obtained: we have opened a new market in Australia and this year we should be able to open one also in the United States. We therefore continue to work to bring the name of Marana Forni to the world."


"One of the projects that will be the absolute protagonist of this 2021 is the pellet oven which produces very little smoke and soot and has a high caloric yield. We designed this oven back in 2000 but it needs to be made self-sufficient in order to offer it to our new customers. The pellet oven is an ecological solution that is part of a path of sustainability and attention to nature in which Marana Forni strongly believes."
Click here for more information on Marana Forni pizza ovens.