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Zio Ciro has been producing ready made wood fired ovens for 20 years. Owned by Italian company, TEK REF, the business has expanded exponentially. Originally selling exclusively to the domestic market; they have continuously expanded and now sell to over 50 countries. 

The reliability and efficiency of their ovens is driven by high quality material, experience, and their production techniques. All their ovens are 100% made in Italy, made entirely in one artisanal factory by highly skilled workers and top-quality machinery.
Zio Ciro Subito Cotto Range
Zio Ciro offers a range suitable to both professional and residential environments. Zio Ciro ovens range from small 1 pizza ovens which are completely mobile, to larger ovens which hold up to 5 pizzas. Catering to a spectrum of needs; whether you're looking to make a statement in your garden, a professional food truck or need something you can move easily. 
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Zio Ciro Build Your Own
Experience the joy of constructing and personalising your own Pizza Oven with the Zio Ciro DIY oven!
This is an easy-to-assemble DIY oven kit; containing all the necessary components to start up your very own pizza kitchen at home. The Amalfi 100 Model is a small wood-fired oven which is ideal for your garden, patio, outdoor and indoor kitchen.
This DIY holds up to 4-5 pizzas!
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We have a range of stands , Flue Pipes, Flue Adapters, Rain Covers and Rain Caps to fit the Zio Ciro Ovens. 

If you are looking to purchase these, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.