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XLT are the world leader in manufacturing conveyor ovens and extraction hoods.

Drawing from over 60 years of experience and expertise, they understand the demands of the industry and consistently evolve their products to meet them. Defining their success by the success of their customers, they place a high value on durability, reliability, total cost of ownership, outstanding warranties, and usability.
With over 12 different oven sizes, ranging from our Smallest 1620 Electric Countertop, through to the impressive 3880 DS ovens, we have a model suited to every application.

Designed to be one system, the XLT ovens and Capture hoods are built to work together as a complete solution for your kitchen. XLT products have undergone extensive testing to prove performance, accuracy, and efficiency, with impressive extended warranties when purchasing as a Combination Oven and Hood.

From our experience, XLT products are reliable, with superb service backup, making for a great investment to anybody starting a new business. When you purchase an oven from us, you receive a factory five (5) years warranty for parts and labour and (7) seven years with the hood package.
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The XLT Oven Range

Below are a few examples of the XLT Conveyor Ovens that we have available for purchase! There are many things to consider when choosing the perfect XLT conveyor oven for you and your business. Every XLT combination comes with benefits for different reasons. You will need to consider the size of your space; the size of your pizzas and how many pizzas per hour you want to make. For example, if you have a small space but need high production per hour, you may opt for a shorter baking chamber length but triple-stacked decks. Here at Whites, we have an expert team who will be able to help you make the right choice for you!
XLT 1620
Countertop Conveyor Oven
Conveyor Width: 16 Inches
Baking Chamber Length: 20 Inches
Fuel Type: Electric
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XLT 3240
Best Seller for Independants!
Conveyor Width: 32 Inches
Baking Chamber Length: 40 Inches
Fuel Type: Electric or Gas
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XLT 3255
Higher Oven Capacity
Conveyor Width: 32 Inches
Baking Chamber Length: 55 Inches
Fuel Type: Electric or Gas
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The XLT Hood System

The latest innovation introduced by XLT is the hood system, which is compatible with any XLT conveyor oven model. This patented design fits completely around the ovens, capturing all the heat and directing it outside. Using much lower CFMs (extraction rates) results in lower noise from the ovens, as well as a much cooler kitchen! The XLT Hood System typically uses at least 50% less air extraction than a typical canopy. Reduced cost of installation, reduced cost of operation and simplified maintenance when needed; XLT is a first choice for every pizza business operator.
The new hood system requires less CFMs to capture, contain and extract the grease laden vapours. This results in up to 30% more efficiency.
New system is easy to install and manage. It can also be retrofitted to older versions, allowing you a more affordable upgrade. 
As with all XLT products, the hood systems are incredibly reliable. And with this, comes low total cost of ownership and worthwhile investment.
When you purchase a brand new XLT Conveyor Oven and Hood Package, recieve an extended 7 Year Parts & Labour Warranty!
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Custom Cool Front Panels
All XLT conveyor ovens come with a cool front panel which attaches to the front of the oven and shields any operator from heat. However, this can be removed and replaced with a custom-branded panel. This is an excellent way to showcase your branding and image.

We offer this service to our customers. The panels are powder coated meaning they can be any colour and perfectly match your branding. We can even include handles to match your colour profile exactly. The logo can be attached to the powder coating using vinyl stickers which are simple and low cost but extremely effective!

We can send you a rendering of your cool front design when we send a quotation for your brand-new XLT. Our graphic design company will provide you with a range of colour options with your bespoke graphics and logo applied as a CAD design.
Bespoke Installations
We are incredibly passionate about helping you formulate the most effective use of XLT products for your business. As part of the service, we like to fully understand you, your business and your business aims. This helps us to install the most appropriate solution for you. Sometimes a business calls for a bespoke installation!

Below is a bespoke installation for a business in Iceland. To give them a greater cooking chamber, we combined two stacked 4455 ELECTRIC ovens side by side. This gave them double the space and greatly increased productivity, resulting in a Tandem stacked set of ovens, with Huge production capacity, and ultra-fast speeds for delivery.