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The very first wood burning oven.. without wood! The Izzonapoletano Electric Pizza Oven that bakes perfect Neapolitan pizza in 60 seconds time after time.




The very first electric oven approved by the AVPN Association


The AVPN have been protecting True Neapolitan Pizza worldwide since 1984, and have decided that pizzerias that who have chosen the Izzonapoletano can be affiliate to the Association and create true, approved Neapolitan Pizza.

In the approval of the Izzonapoletano,” declares Stefano Auricchio, AVPN General Manager, “we took into account the Green change that is taking place in many countries of the world. At this moment it is even more necessary to make choices in favour of ecology and environment that are coherent with the path taken by the Association in recent years.”

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Cooks like a real woodburning oven... without using any wood!


The creator of Izzonapoletano® has set himself the goal of protecting and enhancing the taste of true Neapolitan pizza as it was intended: a unique piece, tailor-made by the hands of skilled craftsmen and excellent pizza chefs.

Designed and created in Naples by The Izzo family, the oven uses only high quality materials and components to produce an oven that bakes perfect Neapolitan pizza in 60 seconds time after time. The open fronted oven is designed to be a centre piece of a pizzeria. It was created not only to give the wow factor, but to be able to cope during the busiest periods in a restaurant. It is perfect for premises where the extraction of gas or wood ovens proves expensive or problematic.




A size to suit every kitchen.


The oven operates at a constant temperature of 440-460 degrees Celsius without the need for an oven door. Perfect insulation enables the oven to offer maximum performance with minimum energy.

Available in 4 sizes with chambers that hold between 2 and 9 33cm diameter pizzas. The oven can be supplied complete or in 2 pieces to be fitted together on site if access is difficult.

  • IZ2 has a cooking chamber capacity of 2 x ø 33cm pizzas.
  • IZ4 has a cooking chamber capacity of 4 x ø 33cm pizzas.
  • IZ6 has a cooking chamber capacity of 6 x ø 33cm pizzas.
  • IZ9 has a cooking chamber capacity of 9 x ø 33cm pizzas.





A word from creator:


"The Izzonapoletano project has no compromises: performance, traditional design, innovation, but above all, protection of the authentic taste of the 'Verace Pizza Napoletana'.

Years ago Izzonapoletano was a model on paper, an idea: today I am proud to have reached the harmony of technological detail and traditional cooking that will bring our pizza art to new excellences all over the world.

I entrust you with my best oven: use it for your best pizza."

Izzonapoletano Gallery

Why not take a quick look at our videos below where you can see the Izzo pizza oven in action at a range of different restaurants across the UK. The Izzo oven cooks just like a real wood fired oven without using any wood, and pizza chefs love it!