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Pizza Screens

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  • Pizza Screens(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Pizza Screens
    £1.80£3.80 ex VAT

    Pizza Screens 

    Pizza screens have many uses from baking whole pizzas and calzones to re-heating pizza slices. Pizza screens are most commonly used for thin crust pizza as they produce an evenly baked crisp base due to the amount of hot air transfer between the crust and the oven chamber. Ideal for use in a conveyor oven. The seamless construction means there are no rivets to come undone.

  • Rectangular Aluminium Pizza Screen(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Rectangular Aluminium Pizza Screen
    £24.00 ex VAT

    Rectangular Aluminium Pizza Screen

    Aluminium screen 60x40, flat mesh. The screen offers the advantage of protecting the dough from the radiating oven surface during cooking and avoids crispiness in case of combined cooking, that is, when the pizza is cooked in two times. Cooking on screen is a faster cooking alternative compared to the one in pan, allowing more direct radiation of the heat.

  • Potato Wedge/ Sides Tray

    Potato Wedge/ Sides Tray
    £4.95 ex VAT

    This flexible, practical yet durable tray is ideal for cooking side menu items such as Potato wedges, chips, chicken wings or chicken nuggets.

    Built to last, these trays are ideal for restaurant but can also be used for home cooking also.

    Colour: Black

    Size: Length: 21cm, Width: 21cm Depth: 3.5cm

  • Pizza Screen Rack

    Pizza Screen Rack
    £29.50 ex VAT

    Pizza Screen Rack

    4 slots, holds up to 96 screens and can also be used to store separator disks.