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Roaster is a range from company BIOKAN G.P, a line of specialised solid fuel ovens/ grills and Rotisseries made for restaurants and other food service establishments. Founded and manufactured in Northern Greece, Roaster is led by experience and expertise. They use advanced technology to create high quality products which combine modern design with functionality. They are constantly developing their products to meet the needs of their customers; efficient, easy to install, maintain and of the highest standard.
The New Generation of Roaster Charcoal Ovens
Our project to update our charcoal oven models enhanced key features, solidifying Roaster’s position in the evolving foodservice market.

The redesign of the previous models’ exterior and interior, with a focus on efficiency and affordability, showcases Roaster’s commitment to creating a consistent identity across its lineup.

Roaster advanced oven models are produced to push the boundaries of safety and convenience. More specifically the upper casing has been reinforced to be more heat resistant while the lateral and rear housing boosts a wider air chamber for a better and faster evacuation of the heat during the use. Thus, Roaster’s improved exterior casing offers better thermal insulation and guarantees extra ventilation.
The new features
All Roaster highly popular oven models are now available with double cast iron frame. The already existing cast iron door lines up with the interior cast iron frame extended up to the grease collector. The aim is higher heat containment, the achievement is even lower charcoal consumption. An essential update that keeps pace with affordability.

Roaster’s latest endeavor for the charcoal ovens aims to enhance key features of the smoke outlet.

The new smoke outlet guarantees ultimate safety while the modern and ergonomic design make it easier to clean. The chimney kit, always offered as a standard, consists of three removable pieces with the accent to the fire breaker filter. An infallible assembly that ensures maximum fire safety and convenience.

Roaster’s modern design with an eye for detail focused on the usefulness of the upgraded charcoal ovens. The new additions such as the top gastronorm trays as well as the thermometer and grease collector holder cannot be ignored.

Roaster reinforces its position in the foodservice industry, inspiring chefs to reimagine what a charcoal oven can be.
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