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All Economy Accessories

Displays all Economy Pizza Accessories offered by White's Foods.

Explore premium tools like pizza peels, dough boxes, cutter wheels, scrapers, pizza pan stacking racks, perforated lifting peels, and more. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned home chef, our comprehensive range enhances every step of your pizza making journey.


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  • Pizza Screens(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Pizza Screens
    £1.80£3.80 ex VAT

    Pizza Screens 

    Pizza screens have many uses from baking whole pizzas and calzones to re-heating pizza slices. Pizza screens are most commonly used for thin crust pizza as they produce an evenly baked crisp base due to the amount of hot air transfer between the crust and the oven chamber. Ideal for use in a conveyor oven. The seamless construction means there are no rivets to come undone.

  • Pizza Cutter WheelsColours available in drop down menu

    Pizza Cutter Wheels
    £5.80 ex VAT

    Unique to Alphin Pans is this range of colour coded Pizza Cutter Wheels. Made with heavy duty one piece moulded plastic handles, 4” stainless steel wheels and designed for professional use, these cutters are an essential piece of equipment for anybody selling pizzas. Easy to differentiate between cutters to keep your customers happy -

    The green cutter wheel is perfect for distinguishing between vegetarian/meat pizzas or gluten free pizzas.

  • White Dough Scraper

    White Dough Scraper
    £4.30 ex VAT

    This dough scraper has tapered sides for easy pick up, a plastic construction that will not damage your trays, and is designed for a long life of use. Made of extremely durable material and designed for heavy duty, long time use. Made of a chemically resistant material which will not absorb bacterial growth, odours of contaminants.

    Surface measures 4x4", scraper measures 9.5" overall length.

  • Sauce Dispenser Squeeze Bottles(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Sauce Dispenser Squeeze Bottles
    £3.00 ex VAT

    Sauce Dispenser Squeeze Bottles 

    These sauce dispenser squeeze bottles are the perfect bottles for dispensing of sauce. Easy to squeeze and comes out at the right speed. Available in red, yellow or clear so you can identify quickly which sauce you need.

    All bottles are 24oz.

  • PRO 5 Litre Measuring Jug

    PRO 5 Litre Measuring Jug
    £14.95 ex VAT

    PRO 5 Litre Measuring Jug

    A large, professional 5 litre measuring jug - perfect for measuring the water for your dough hydration.

    Measuring jug manufactured from polypropylene. Impervious to almost all liquids, impact resistant, unbreakable in normal use.

    Raised measuring scale for easy use.

  • 1.9 Litre Scoop

    1.9 Litre Scoop
    £13.80 ex VAT

    1.9 Litre Scoop

    Clear polycarbonate plastic scoop, 1.9 litre.

  • Deep Dish Pizza Pans(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Deep Dish Pizza Pans
    £7.80£18.30 ex VAT

    Deep dish pizza pans.

    Bake and serve your signature, topping-loaded pizzas in these aluminium tapered/nesting deep dish pizza pans. A reliable and durable choice for your pizza shop or restaurant; these deep pans are made from 1.5mm thick standard weight aluminium. Ideal for maximising storage space, this pan can be stacked with others when not in use.

    Note: These aluminium deep dish pizza pans DO NOT need to be seasoned as they will not rust. However, it's generally considered wise to oil pans as this helps to create a non-stick finish as well as darkening the pan.

  • Large Shaker(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Large Shaker
    £4.20 ex VAT

    Large Spice Shaker

    A 12oz spice shaker to be filled with spices like oregano, or for sprinkling of cheese. Made with a Lexan plastic base and a chrome plated top.

  • Squeezy Sauce Dispenser

    Squeezy Sauce Dispenser
    £3.85 ex VAT

    A very useful clear squeeze bottle with a 3 tip cap, size 24oz.

    Used for pizza sauce or topping sauce, with the 3 tip cap allowing you to create a nice pattern on the product.

  • Pizza Pan Stacking Racks(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Pizza Pan Stacking Racks
    £56.00£60.00 ex VAT

    Pizza Pan Stacking Racks

    Pizza Pan Stacking Racks. Options available:

    11 Shelf with 2.5” spacing.

    15 Shelf with 1.5” spacing.

    Both ideal for pizza pans, trays, screens and separators.


  • Large Pizza Peel Holder in Stainless Steel

    Large Pizza Peel Holder in Stainless Steel
    £14.00 ex VAT

    Stainless steel wall rack pizza peel holder. Made to hold all sizes of pizza peels including Napoletana, Alice and Azzurra (32, 36, 41, 45 and 50cm peels). Can hold 2 peels.

    Pizza peel holder measures: 31cm width, 13cm length, 5cm deep.

    Pizza peel holder weighs: 0.5KG.

  • Order Grab Tabs(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Order Grab Tabs
    £6.50£10.20 ex VAT

    Order Grab Tabs

    These order grab tabs are a necessity for organisation and order in any professional kitchen; these tab grabbers come in a range of sizes to suit a variety of catering businesses and order quantities.


  • Pizza Pan Covers(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Pizza Pan Covers
    £8.20£19.50 ex VAT

    Pizza Pan Covers 

    Pizza Pan Covers are used when dough is being proven in the pizza pan. The cover helps to keep air from getting to the dough and therefore assists it to rise. The covers differ from the separator disk as they fit over the rim of the pan, there is then a recess so that the pan can be stacked on top of other pans and will not slide off when the stack is being moved or carried.

    PLEASE NOTE: Always buy the same size cover as the pan you will be using it on, i.e. a 12" cover for a 12" pan.

  • Economy Pizza Peel(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Economy Pizza Peel
    £14.00£16.80 ex VAT

    Quickly and easily place pizzas in and out of the oven with a pizza peel. The long wooden handle ensures the handler is not at risk of getting burned and allows you to place the pizza in the centre of the oven for an even bake. The handle is made from wood meaning peel will stay cool to the touch.