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Deep Dish Pizza Pans

Displays all Deep Dish Pizza Pans offered by White's Foods.

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  • Pizza Pan Stacking Racks(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Pizza Pan Stacking Racks
    £56.00£60.00 ex VAT

    Pizza Pan Stacking Racks

    Pizza Pan Stacking Racks. Options available:

    11 Shelf with 2.5” spacing.

    15 Shelf with 1.5” spacing.

    Both ideal for pizza pans, trays, screens and separators.


  • Deep Dish Pizza Pans(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Deep Dish Pizza Pans
    £7.80£18.30 ex VAT

    Deep dish pizza pans.

    Bake and serve your signature, topping-loaded pizzas in these aluminium tapered/nesting deep dish pizza pans. A reliable and durable choice for your pizza shop or restaurant; these deep pans are made from 1.5mm thick standard weight aluminium. Ideal for maximising storage space, this pan can be stacked with others when not in use.

    Note: These aluminium deep dish pizza pans DO NOT need to be seasoned as they will not rust. However, it's generally considered wise to oil pans as this helps to create a non-stick finish as well as darkening the pan.

  • Deep Dish Pizza Pans with PSTK Coating(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Deep Dish Pizza Pans with PSTK Coating
    £29.00£42.00 ex VAT
    Ideal for proofing dough
    • Can be stacked dozens high
    • Stacks are stable for easier carrying
    • Ideal for proofing dough
    • Less expensive, since separators are not needed


    • 2.25" depth
    • 1.22" clearance between pans
    • Round rim for safe handling
    • Heavy 14-gauge aluminum
    • Special PSTK® Non stick Finish


  • Pizza Pan Covers(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Pizza Pan Covers
    £8.20£19.50 ex VAT

    Pizza Pan Covers 

    Pizza Pan Covers are used when dough is being proven in the pizza pan. The cover helps to keep air from getting to the dough and therefore assists it to rise. The covers differ from the separator disk as they fit over the rim of the pan, there is then a recess so that the pan can be stacked on top of other pans and will not slide off when the stack is being moved or carried.

    PLEASE NOTE: Always buy the same size cover as the pan you will be using it on, i.e. a 12" cover for a 12" pan.

  • Pizza Pan Separator Disks(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Pizza Pan Separator Disks
    £3.55£15.80 ex VAT

    Pizza Pan Separator Disks

    Pizza pan separator disks are an alternative to pizza pan covers or lids, and they allow pans to be stacked on top of one another, which can be useful in saving work space when proving bases in the pan. Pizza pan separator disks are made from aluminium that won't crack or chip. They are different to covers because they rest on top of the pan as opposed to fitting over the rim of the pan.

    PLEASE NOTE: Always buy separator disks 2" larger than the base of the pan that you want to cover, so that pans can easily rest on top of one another without risk of slipping; i.e. use a 14" disk for a 12" pan.