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Food Slicing Equipment

Displays all Food Slicing Equipment offered by White's Foods.

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  • Equaslice Slice Guide(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    £95.00£99.00 ex VAT

    Operators know how difficult it is to cut even slices by eye alone. Customers know when their slice is smaller than others on the tray and they may not complain openly but they feel short changed. Keep your customers happy, give them equal slices every time.

    The EQUASLICE™ cutting guide enables any employee to cut perfect slices. Just place the guide over your pie, insert your roller cutter between the grooves and cut. It’s that simple.

    6 portions - 3KG.

    8 portions - 3KG.

  • Heavy Duty Pizza Rocker Cutter

    £53.25 ex VAT

    Heavy duty professional pizza rocker cutter with stainless steel blade - temperate and easy to re-sharpen. For pizza pies up to 50cm in diameter.

    Pizza rocker cutter measures 48cm long. Weighs 0.5KG.

  • Mincing Knife

    £20.25 ex VAT

    Stainless steel, small professional mincing knife. High quality equipment from Gi Metal, made in Italy.

    Mincing knife dimensions: 13.5cm long. Weighs 0.12KG.

  • Pizza Scissors in Stainless Steel

    £20.25 ex VAT

    Scissors for pizza cutting - in stainless steel.

    The  rear  raised  and  rounded edge  so  that  it  does  not  get  in  the way of the pan edge.

    Detachable blade for washing. Blade 12 cm.

  • Pizza Portion Tray(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    £40.00£44.25 ex VAT

    Pizza portion tray with handle, with 6 portions to help with sizing.

    PCPT45/6 measures 45cm in diameter. Pizza portion tray weighs 0.8KG.

    PCPT50/6 measures 50cm in diameter. Pizza portion tray weighs 0.9KG.

  • The Equaliser - Equal Slice Pizza Cutter

    £138.00 ex VAT

    Multi-Blade Rocker Knife

  • Ponterosso Food Slicer

    £910.00 ex VAT
    • Blade: 300mm
    • Motor:  220v
    • Thickness of the cut up to: 15mm
    • Capacity of cut: 210x240mm
    • Run of carriage: 275mm
    • Plate: 280x270mm
    • Weight: 23.5 Kg