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About Franco Manca

The company that needs no introduction.

Starting from a single restaurant in Brixton Market, Franco Manca has grown to over 50 stores nationwide and continues to expand.

Slow risen sourdough pizza, hand-stretched, topped with the best ingredients and cooked perfectly in a hot oven is what this chain is all about. It sounds simple but in order to be successful you need to do the simple things well and these guys certainly do that. The oven of course is the beating heart of every restaurant - the Dome of Franco Manca's oven is covered with their own style of ceramic tiles.

Late in 2018 Franco Manca decided on a change of oven for future stores, driven by the desire to have a reliable oven that cooked their pizzas perfectly every time and would stand up to the rigours of their 12 hours a day, 7 days a week operation. They set about putting the Marana oven through it’s paces before fitting it into their new restaurants and with the last 10 stores now operating with model 130 rotating deck ovens it is fair to say they passed with flying colours!

About Franco Manca's Oven:

The Marana Forni 150 oven with bespoke tiles on the dome.

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