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Sigma, since 1974, has produced, evolved and innovated equipment for bakeries and pizzerias. An Italian company which places engagement and passion with their customers at the heart of their work. They strive to answer to the needs of a worldwide clientele, constantly evolving themselves and their products to achieve this and become a leading force in the industry with a range of products.
The Sigma Range
Sigma Sprizza
Manual Cold Dough Press
The Sigma Sprizza reproduces the manual dexterity of the pizza maker as closely as possible by imitating his unequalled delicateness. The original protected micro rolling system, rigorously patented, is the result of an idea – a machine to knead the dough in the same way as the hands of an expert would. The exceptional performance allows you to achieve the same crust obtained by a skilled pizza maker – without any alteration. The machine is easy and practical to use and the dough balls are perfectly flattened and rounded – every time.
Cold System for spreading the pizza dough
Patented microlling system creates perfect crust
➜Up to 250 pcs per hour
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