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About Caprice Restaurant

The Caprice Restaurant is a family run establishment in the historical town of Musselburgh, specialising in Italian Swiss cuisine.

Established in 1969 and with over 50 years experience their succulent pizzas are still cooked in a traditional manner, in a wood-fired oven to give them that extra taste of quality. Each pizza is treated with special care with the dough freshly made on the premises every day. Even the wood used, Scottish Pine, is chosen because it adds the required flavour which lets you know you are enjoying a genuine freshly baked pizza. You can also see the pizzas being carefully prepared and baked while waiting.

To celebrate and mark 50 years of serving the fine people of Musselburgh, this year the restaurant has undergone refurbishment and when deciding on a new pizza oven, the tradition and values that they hold close were at the forefront of their decision. After extensive testing we are thrilled that they chose the Marana Forni model 95 woodburning oven with a rotating base to carry on the tradition of serving authentic wood fired pizzas in their beautiful restaurant.

About Caprice's Oven:

Marana Forni model 95 wood-burning oven with a rotating base.

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