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Focaccia Pans

Displays all Focaccia Pans offered by White's Foods.

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  • Rectangle Focaccia Pan - 40x60cm

    Rectangle Focaccia Pan - 40x60cm
    £18.00 ex VAT

    Blue iron rectangular focaccia pan 40 x 60cm with 2 cm straight edge.

    The focaccia pan allows even cooking in ovens where the cooking floor heats up immediately, offering greater protection for the bottom of the dough. Using this pan for cooking ensures a slower cooking time compared to baking directly on stone.

  • Premium Quality Focaccia/Grandma Pizza Pans(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Premium Quality Focaccia/Grandma Pizza Pans
    £49.50£81.00 ex VAT

    Focaccia Pans - Available in 2 sizes. 

    LloydPans Focaccia Pans are a smart choice for commercial production. Exceptional results - easy to use and easy to maintain.

    • No Pre-Seasoning needed. LloydPans exclusive pre-seasoned tuff-kote finish adds a release coating, eliminating the need for any pre-seasoning.
    • Permanent Stick-Resistance - metal utensil safe and long lasting.
    • Will never rust! Heavy duty anodised aluminium with PSTK finish.
    • Durable - the double thick flat rim adds strength and long-lasting durability.
    • Nesting - 76° angle allows nesting when empty, saving storage space.
    • Proofing - lids are available for stacking while proofing, making your prep table more efficient.
    • Easy to clean and maintain.
    • 14 Gauge aluminium, hard coat anodised, finished with LloydPans exclusive PSTK coating.

    Another name for these pans is 'Grandma Pans'. Read more about Grandma Style Pizza here: The Rise of Grandma Pizza.

  • Roman Style Pizza al Taglio Pans - Half Size 20x60cm(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Roman Style Pizza al Taglio Pans - Half Size 20x60cm
    £52.00 ex VAT
    Roman Style Pizza Al Taglio Pans

    Roman pizza al taglio is bursting onto the US pizza scene with good reason. The light, airy crust is a delight to bite into, and the toppings are both baked and fresh with a myriad of varieties.

    LloydPans has carefully designed these pans to replicate the sizes and shapes of the classic Roman pans and are finished with our stick-resistant coating that needs no seasoning, is metal utensil safe and ready for long-lasting commercial use.

    The heavy 12 gauge aluminium pans are similar in weight to steel pans.

    • No seasoning required - ready for production
    • Permanent stick-resistant coating is metal utensil safe
    • Will never rust. Heavy weight, anodized aluminum with PSTK finish
    • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cutting/Serving Board for Roman Style Pizza al Taglio Pans

    Cutting/Serving Board for Roman Style Pizza al Taglio Pans
    £109.00 ex VAT

    Cutting / Display Boards

    • Commercial quality, woodfiber boards
    • Excellent cutting surface
    • 1/4 inch thick
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Resistant to absorption, cuts and stains
    • Long lasting durability