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Rotary Ovens

The heat distributes in a uniform manner inside the cooking chamber. Thanks to rotation, cooking is always uniform, never with raw or burnt crusts. Rotoforno models are equipped with systems that always keep the cook plate hot.
Rotoforno SU&GIU
The Rotoforno SU&GIU combines the classic rotation of the Marana Rotary oven with the added ability to raise the cooking plate up within the dome. Giving you an impressive 3 levels of cooking.
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Rotoforno Classico
The Rotoforno Classico streamlines your cooking. Facilitating perfection, efficiency and quality, even at the busiest times. Leading you tohigher production.
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Rotoforno Genius
Marana Forni
The intelligent oven for ultimate ease and speed. The Rotoforno Genius can be programmed so that each pizza cooks in just one turn of the hob. 

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