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Roaster Charcoal Oven

Roaster charcoal oven is a combination of a professional open grill and an oven. It is being used by the most specialised chefs around the world as it gives a unique flavour to all kinds of foods, while at the same time increasing kitchen productivity, cooking your food 35% faster than an open gril. It is the perfect commercial grilling equipment for all food-service establishements and allows you to achieve the traditional flavours of charcoal grilling with more efficiency, economy, hygiene and safety.


Made to meet the needs of the very demanding catering industry. 
The closed style of the oven allows you to maintain a more stable temperature. Allowing you to cook up to 35% faster than on an open grill. Increasing cooking productivity and not compromising the quality of your food.
Designed to be functional. The oven hosts easily removable grill racks; ash collector drawer and grease collector pan. These features make it easy to use and clean.
The closed nature of the oven prevents the chef from constant heat exposure. As well as this, the spark and firebreak hat captures embers and prevents them from entering the extraction system.
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The oven promises you a seamlessly effective and efficient machine. It is easy to install and maintain, making it more practical than a traditional grill
A roaster charcoal oven utilises the power of charcoal but combines an open grill and an oven. The integrated vent system for the air flow regulation allows you to have greater control over the temperature and conditions that you are cooking your food in.
Manufactured to the highest quality and standards; the modern designs meets the demands of the busy catering sector. Less heat is expended into the surrounding area.
Available as a counter top version, which can be placed onto another unit. Alternatively, you can purchase the a floor standing version which has the same oven space as the countertop but with the addition of storage underneath!
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Price Includes
Chimney Kit (Firebreaker with air flow regulation); 1 Stainless Steel AISI 304 Tong; 2 Stainless Steel AISi 304 Grill Racks; Upper Heating Rack
➜Runs exclusively on Charcoal.
➜Includes a double vent system, one at the bottom and one at the top which assists with temperature control.
➜Completely closed oven.
➜S Shape inside the flue which stp[s anything other than smoke exiting the oven.
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