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Discover: Izzo Forni

Izzo Forni produces pizza ovens that embody the company’s origins and passion. Founded in Naples over 70 years ago, Izzo has continually improved and revolutionised the electric pizza oven. Becoming the first company in the world to produce an electric oven approved by the AVPN (True Neapolitan Pizza Association). Forged from the quality of the raw materials of Italy; they utilise their industrial expertise to create ovens with unrivalled cooking performance and heaps of style.
Izzo Forni Logo- Izzo Neapolitan Pizza Oven Logo
Using technology to increase innovation but not to undermine the artisan nature ; Izzo remains committed to using the skilled hands and passion of their workforce rather than machinery. The result is unique masterpieces of design and unrivalled performance.

Revolutionising the electric pizza oven; proving that the traditional Neapolitan Pizza is possible with an environmentally conscious oven. The Izzo Forni range has low energy consumption, protecting your pocket and the environment.
The Izzo Oven Dome Oven
A statement in more ways than one. Meet the oven that revolutionised the world of Neapolitan Pizza. Izzo was the first company in the world to design and manufacture an AVPN-approved electric pizza oven. The Izzo Forni dome ovens are capable of cooking pizza just like a wood-fired oven, without the wood!

Superior construction using granitic and indestructible, oversized components. A combination of unique construction and design allows it to have unparalleled performance. "No other builder in the world uses 8 centimetres of brick in a firing chamber".

Not only are they expertly crafted, the ovens are striking and captivating to look at. An unmistakable nod to tradition is combined with advanced construction technology. The control panels are digital, intuitive and very easy to use. It gives the ability to independently operate the floor and the top of the chamber. Even and non-aggressive heat distribution is achieved by the hand laying of bare wire resisters within every point of the cooking chamber.
The first electric oven approved by the AVPN (true Neapolitan Pizza Association) for cooking real Neapolitan Pizza
Each element is designed and conceived to be harmoniously inserted into any environment, enriching it with a timeless design.
Created to withstand enormous loads and work stress, it will be a timeless and reliable companion.
it is the electric oven with the lowest energy consumption. Thanks to its oversized components it uses very little energy even for high production volume.
Control card for energy saving, respect for the environment and protection for operators and consumers. Minimal environmental impact.
Izzo build unique pieces that last over time, made by one with true artisan passion. You can customise your Izzo according to your taste.
Available in a Range of Sizes
A small oven with an impressive productivity. In a space of just 85cm, the IZ2 guarantees you 60 pizza over hour.
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An oven with compact depth, intended for medium production. Featuring the iconic fronted aesthetic!
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The best selling oven in this range! A perfect synthesis between size, consumption and productivity. A revolutionary oven.
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High performance oven combined with an attractive aesthetic presence.  The largest oven in this range.
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Chamber Ovens
A compact oven version of the renowned Izzo Neapolitan pizza ovens. Izzo chamber ovens use the same materials and technology as the original domes. High-quality materials and components produce an oven that bakes perfect Neapolitan pizza time after time.

The floor is made of "Biscotto di Sorrento" type bricks, 40mm thick and the insulated reduction of the floor opening makes it possible to bake with the door open.
Unique pieces that last over time.  You are able to customise your oven according to your tastes. Available in a range of sizes to suit your space.
Oversized construction materials, only of the highest quality, used to last over time and guarantee perfect cooking performance. 
Control card for energy saving, respect for the environment and protection for operators and consumers. Minimal environmental impact.
Compact size oven for professional use. All the well loved Izzo technology in minimal spaces. Ideal for cafes.
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Modular oven, designed to be overlapped with additional cooking chambers as and when they are required!
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