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Achieve Classic Neapolitan Pizza.
Napulé , 120, Woodfired & 
The Napulé is a fixed, static oven. It has been crafted with Neapolitan pizza in mind. Closely collaborating with Neapoltian pizza masters, the result is a unique, AVPN approved instrument. 

It is a classic style oven combined with masterful engineering and top quality materials. Featuring vesuvious stone. Recieve the classic Marana Forni feel combined with tradition.
Napulé is the result of a close collaboration that Marana Forni carried on with master Neapolitan pizza-makers. This important teamwork involved Parthenopean experience and handicraft technology which gave birth to a sole tool. The volcanic rock of Vesuvius is in the exclusive mix of materials used to build the oven.

Certificate from the Real Neapolitan Pizza Association, both in the wood and gas version. A single tool that, since it always keeps the plate hot, leads to perfect cooking even during long shifts.
3200 kg/m³, versus 1800/2400 of a normal refractory. The Rotoforno’s refractory material is high-density, with mechanical resistance characteristics and resistance to wear and tear three times that of porphyry. It is an extremely high-performance stone for storing, transferring, and recovering heat. Not to mention guaranteed long life.  

A fragrant bake and faster heat recovery is achieved thanks to the special finish of the stone. The alveolar microperforationb keeps the pizza slightly "uplifted", allowing it to release moisture and flour. As well as this, tje total surface area is greater than that of a smooth surface meaning exposure to irradiation is greater. This results in faster heat recovery.  The cooking plate is also available without this microperforation, for those who like to stick to tradition.
Rotoforno can be delivered preinstalled or can be installed on site, so you can also install it in places with just 70-cm wide passageway.

As part of our service, we offer a full delivery and installation. Including logistical support for difficult locations! 
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