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Transform your restaurant into a theatre with the Charcol grill. Manufactured in north-western Spain and based in Lugo, the Charcoa grill embodies its origins and recreates the flavours and dramatic style of a traditional charcoal grill. Pedro Lopez Garcia is the owner and founder of Metal Pedrouzo, specialising in the manufacture of charcoal grills since 1998. We are proud to introduce these grills to the UK market under the brand name, Charcoa. Each grill is manufactured to the highest standards, allowing for the heavy-duty use and demands of any kitchen or restaurant. The grill is made to suit its surroundings, with a range of styles and colours. Whether you choose an antique model or the new Parilla wheel model Your grill will stand out for all the right reasons!
Charcoa Grill

Cooking over hot embers is one of the oldest methods known to man. Charcoa has perfected a range of grills designed to cope with today's demanding needs in a range of styles to suit any restaurant or professional kitchen.
Charcoal cooking has many origins- the northern parts of Spain have taken their influence from Portugal and South America- and this method of cooking is proving to be increasingly popular throughout the world. Cooking over charcoal creates incorporates incomparible flavours into meats, fish and vegetables.
The Charcoa grill combines first class-craftmanship with these traditions, to create an exceptional grill that demands to be front and centre in any restaurant.
✽ Designed with Precision ✽
The Charcoa grills are completely open at the front, making it simple to operate.  As well as giving your customers a front row seat to the experience. Various styles are available and can be customised to your needs and space. Rustic antique to Modern linear designs, all are instrumental in helping to create the ultimate "theatre style cooking". 
✽ Handbuilt by Craftsmen ✽
Parilla Wheels are ever growing in popularity; adding sleekness and beauty to your Charcoa grill.  

If you would like to find out more then please contact us. Every grill is bespoke and the only limitiation is your imagination.