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Moisture meters

Displays all Moisture meters offered by White's Foods.

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  • Moisture Meter(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Moisture Meter
    £22.00 ex VAT

    A reliable and high quality moisture meter. Manufactured to industry standards this pocket moisture meter is a fantastic solution for providing moisture content level measurement in materials such as wood, plasterboard and bricks.
    Features and benefits
    Dual backlit LCD digital display of moisture & temperature
    Readings with integrated electrode pins
    User-selectable Wood moisture, Building material moisture, ºC, ºF
    Auto power off after 2 hours
    Housed in impact proof plastic

  • Wood Moisture Meter - Dr Meter Damp Meter

    Wood Moisture Meter - Dr Meter Damp Meter
    £35.00 ex VAT
    • Wood Moisture Meter has a wide and precise measuring range of 5% - 40% and Accuracy: ±1%
    • 2 spare integrated sensor pins for replacement to keep your Moisture detector a longer life.Powered by a 9V battery (Included).
    • Easy-to-read LCD display for quick and easy viewing,this Moisture Tester has an ergonomic size to fit in one hand.