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Displays all Miscellaneous Pizza Accessories offered by White's Foods.

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  • Stick Blender-Mixer

    £231.00 ex VAT

    Mixer 250 VV Combi – Variable Speed – Body + Whip + Blender Tube 250mm.

    Net weight: 1.45KG

    RPM: 15.000

    Watt: 250

    Volt: 230V

    Hz: 50/60

    Litre capacity: up to 20 litre.

  • Equaslice Slice Guide(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    £95.00£99.00 ex VAT

    Operators know how difficult it is to cut even slices by eye alone. Customers know when their slice is smaller than others on the tray and they may not complain openly but they feel short changed. Keep your customers happy, give them equal slices every time.

    The EQUASLICE™ cutting guide enables any employee to cut perfect slices. Just place the guide over your pie, insert your roller cutter between the grooves and cut. It’s that simple.

    6 portions - 3KG.

    8 portions - 3KG.

  • Equaslice Holder for Walls(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    £4.50 ex VAT

    Equaslice Holder for Walls

    Hanger for Equaslice products, for easy access and easy storage. To fix onto the wall, compatible for Equaslice products - used to hang your Equaslice on the wall when not in use.

    Made in stainless steel.

  • Naples Peel Handle Support

    £87.75 ex VAT

    Naples Peel Handle Support

    Naples peel handle support in stainless steel with marble base. Adjustable height. It allows you to rest the handle during pizza cooking phase in deeper ovens, in classic Neapolitan style.

    Total size: 20 x 20 x 105 cm.

    Weight: 4.27KG.

    Capacity: 1 peel at a time.

  • Pizza Scissors in Stainless Steel

    £20.25 ex VAT

    Scissors for pizza cutting - in stainless steel.

    The  rear  raised  and  rounded edge  so  that  it  does  not  get  in  the way of the pan edge.

    Detachable blade for washing. Blade 12 cm.

  • The Equaliser - Equal Slice Pizza Cutter

    £138.00 ex VAT

    Multi-Blade Rocker Knife

  • Wooden basket for mixing dough by hand

    £55.00 ex VAT

    Wooden basket for mixing dough by hand - comes with lid. Manually knead dough for bread, pizza and pasta in the most traditional way.

    Made of solid evaporated Austrian Fir wood with the traditional system. The wood, of high strength and durability, has not had any harmful treatments and is approved for food safe contact. The wood has no odor and will only improve the quality of your food. Wood will always be the most traditional material to use when creating great food.

    The thickness of the wood is 2cm.

    Capacity: 3KG of dough capacity.

  • Insect-o-Cuter EX40 Electric Fly Killer

    £220.00 ex VAT


      • Unique corner light scoops give increased UV light output
      • Internal aluminium UV light reflectors
      • Staggered, high efficacy UV tubes for increased efficacy
      • Reliable high specification 3750V transformer
      • Unique triangular killing grid for a larger effective catch area
      • Strong UV stable polycarbonate and coated mild steel / stainless steel construction
      • Large capacity, mains interlocked catch tray with anti-blow out folds
      • Simple wall, ceiling or desk mounting
      • Easy cleaning and servicing
      • Range of spare parts available
      • Independently tested and certified to RoHS and all relevant European standards
      • Contemporary market leading British design
      • Tubes: 2 x TPX18-24
      • Suggested area coverage: 140m²
  • Ponterosso Food Slicer

    £910.00 ex VAT
    • Blade: 300mm
    • Motor:  220v
    • Thickness of the cut up to: 15mm
    • Capacity of cut: 210x240mm
    • Run of carriage: 275mm
    • Plate: 280x270mm
    • Weight: 23.5 Kg
  • Blue Bristle Pastry Brush

    £8.00 ex VAT

    These blue bristle low heat pastry brushes are ideal for cool sauces, glazes and liquids. The very thin and soft bristles facilitate ease of applying eg. marinade, egg and icing etc.

  • Roweca Contemporary Boards for Serving PizzaPerfect for 12" Pizza or Smaller

    £42.00 ex VAT



    Board diameter: 35cm / just under 14"
    Handle length: 13cm
    Handle width: 4cm
    Full length including handle: 48cm.

    Perfect for 12" pizza or smaller.

  • 12" Wooden Pizza Serving Bats

    £19.00 ex VAT

    340011: Size 12"

    Untreated wooden pizza serving bats - for use with raw foods.

    If needed they can be seasoned or sealed with oil. To seal, wipe any food safe oil (like mineral oil) on the surface of the peel. Some oils will eventually go rancid; these oils should be avoided. If sealed, the bat is less likely to pick up unwanted odours, food particles and moisture. This will not increase the life span of the bat. Bats eventually wear out.

    If bat warps, leave overnight with the warp facing up and it should flatten out. Avoid leaving on hot surfaces, which could increase chances of warping.

    izza serving bats are not dishwasher safe. Wooden pizza serving bats should never be used under heat lamps or soaked in water.

  • Dissolve-A-Way Food Labels (Roll of 500)(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    £33.00 ex VAT

    Fully dissolvable food labels, dissolve completely in cold water.

    Roll of 500.

  • Red Triangle Pizza Server

    £4.50 ex VAT

    Red Triangle Pizza Server

    External Measurements: 24 x 31 cm

    Weight: 0.09KG

    Material: PP (Polypropylene) 100% plastic for food contact use.

    • Compliant with European directives Resistant to chemical agents
    • Anti scratch
    • Reinforced round-corners
    • Stain resistant
    • High rupture resistance
    • Heat resistant
    • Washable in professional dishwashers
    • Resistant to changes in temperatures up to +85°C
    • Stackable
  • Bonzer Can Opener

    £85.00 ex VAT

    Bonzer™ Can Opener

    Cans up to 36 cm high (14”) including A10.

    Simple to use, designed for opening all shapes and even the heaviest cans safely with ease.

    Designed and Manufactured in England.

  • 1.9 Litre Scoop

    £8.50 ex VAT

    1.9 Litre Scoop

    Clear polycarbonate plastic scoop, 1.9 litre.