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Dough Equipment Hub

Discover our range of dough equipment. Intelligent equipment designed to increase the productivity and profitability of your business.  We supply a selection of dough mixers; dough rounders; dividers and dough presses.
Dough Mixers
Dough mixers are an essential part of any pizzeria or restaurant that works with dough; they effortlessly streamline the process of dough making.
Dough Divider-Rounders
The Vitella Dough Divider Rounder range provides any kitchen with the ultimate time saver; these machines effortlessly weigh and form dough balls, speeding up your hourly production.
Dough Rounders
Dough rounders are the best way to produce perfectly formed dough balls, easily and consistently.
Dough Presses
A dough press can speed up order times and reduce costs of expensive hand tossing processes. With a mixture of cold, single and dual heated presses available we are able to provide you with the most appropriate equipment for your needs.