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Discover: Linea Dori

Italian company Linea Dori produces an array of beautifully crafted wooden products, thoughtfully made for bakeries, pizzerias, and restaurants. They are a leading company in the sector and are known globally for their high-quality production. Manufactured to be completely food safe; their products do not contain glues and are specially treated. All the wood used within production derives from sustainably managed forests and is manufactured entirely in house. Meaning you can enjoy exceptional aesthetics, comfortable in the knowledge that the boards are eco and food friendly.
All wooden accessories are Dori Production guaranteed by its registration of authenticity, heat branded onto each item. To add a personal touch to your items, Dori offer customised heat branding.  It costs £50.00 to create your stamp, which can include your name and logo. Once you have created your stamp, you can use it time and time again one each item on your order for just 50p per product, minimum 50pcs.  
Serving Boards
Linea Dori serving boards are the perfect rustic solution to serve your Pizza to customers. They come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit the style, size and shape of pizza that you're making!
'Pinsa Romana' Board
Created to serve Romana Pinsa style pizza, a typical shape of pizza that dates back to Ancient Rome, but works perfectly for a round one too! Crafted from Beech Plywood and treated to be completely safe for food contact. These boards are available with different board sizes.
Available in 35cmx22cm and 30cmx20cm. With two different options for thickness, 0.8cm or 1.2cm.
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'Crostino' Board
Created to serve croutons or appetisers. Crafted from Beech Plywood and treated to be completely safe for food contact. These boards are available in different sizes.
Available in 40x15cm, 60x15cm, 80x15cm in two depths of 1.2 and 1.9cm.
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Pizza by the Metre Boards
Top quality pizza-by-the-metre wooden serving board used to serve or display pizza by the metre or large pizzas, with treatment for safe food contact.
Available in 50x30cm, 60x30cm, 70x30cm, 80x30cm, 90x30cm and 100x30cm. All with 1.2cm depth.
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Table Stands
Beech plywood table stand for serving boards; especially impressive when used with Dori's long treated board to serve pizza-by-the-metre. Can be stored flat.
Table stand for serving boards measures 28x28x20cm
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Wooden Pizza Peels
Although many people now use metal pizza peels, there is no denying that wooden pizza peels have been used for centuries. They still have a place in the modern day kitchen as the traditional route for pizza restaurants.  Dough is likely to stick to a wooden peel and due to the grain of the wood, slides off with little friction. Linea Dori produce high quality wooden peels, and so are the perfect option for any restaurant looking to stick to their roots.
ARIA Perforated Wooden Peel
Peel head measures 36x36cm with a total peel length of 110cm.
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Beech Plywood Peel
Made from Beech Plywood. Head measures 35x35cm + 65cm Long Handle.
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