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About Zzetta

Zzetta Soul-Fired Pizza lives next door to Rathbone Market in Canning Town, London. A truly unique and beautifully designed restaurant, Zzetta’s ethos focuses on respect and recognition for Rathbone Market’s rich history.

CEO, Rob Dewan-Syed, gave special thought to the interior design of the restaurant - even the bespoke fixed tables hold meaning, purposefully designed to resemble the old trader’s stalls of Rathbone Market. Walking into Zzetta you are greeted with rustic wooden speech bubbles floating above, emblazoned with incredible quotes on the history of Rathbone Market, including an anecdote about Charlie Chaplin and Gandhi’s visit during an anti-war demonstration in the area. Rob wanted to show the community how in-favour of the market he is and wanted to help preserve Rathbone Market’s identity, so the quotes were gathered from older citizens in the area who had truly unique and interesting stories to share.

Zzetta were new to the restaurant and pizza industry and took advice from industry leaders and renowned pizza chefs before deciding on Marana Forni – they wanted the best most consistent cooking oven they could get and one that would give them quality hour after hour even in busy times.

Zzetta Soul-Fired Pizza’s pizza truly lives up to its name: their dough is left to rise slowly for 48 hours; their cheese comes from an Italian family who live locally in Essex, so it’s guaranteed to be at its freshest when it gets to your plate; the sauce is made from 100% San Marzano tomatoes which have their own natural acidity and flavour. Zzetta also offers gluten-free pizza bases and vegan options.

All of their pizzas are soul-fired on their Marana Forni 150 Fast Casual Italian pizza oven - an oven designed to cook pizzas perfectly in one turn of the cooking deck leaving the pizza chefs more time to ensure every pizza is perfectly formed and topped before it is cooked.

About Zzetta's Oven:

The Marana Forni 150 Fast Casual Genius pizza oven, Combi-fired with both gas and wood options, with a copper-coloured painted cupola.

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