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With over 30 years in business, Gi.Metal are a world leader in the production of top quality pizza peels and utensils. Using cooperation with professional and amateur pizza makers, Gi.Metal have a firm grasp of what their products need to be. Through this understanding they have fine-tuned their instruments gradually and continuously, reaching an excellence to be proud of.
Gi.Metal products are made in Italy and are synonymous with quality, practicality, and beauty worldwide. Most of their products are produced 100% in Italy. Production techniques are constantly tested and updated to achieve the maximum function, convenience, strength, and safety. The professional Gi.Metal pizza making tools are appreciated, sought-after, and purchased because of their good value for money and high quality.
Creativity, research and perfectionism come together in a series of tools designed for a wide range of uses for professionals who make and serve pizza in restaurant kitchens and dining rooms around the world. This is a company that produces to its own designs and manufactures its own range of products to the highest specifications.
Gi.Metal Pizza Peels
Gi.Metal pizza peels are designed to take pizza from the work counter and place it in the oven. They have different sizes, shapes and perforations to adapt to the different pizza variants. The smaller, turning peels are handy and precise to manage; they allow you to turn the pizza inside the oven, to check the baking by lifting the bottom and to take it out when ready.
Rectangular Peels
Materials and Construction
Most of Gi.Metal peels are made from anodised aluminium, this chemical process enhances the properties of the raw materials. Giving greater resistance to corrosion, wear and abrasion. As well as a more pleasant appearance, uniform and long-lasting. After years of extensive research, analyses and tests, Gi. Metal has three different types of anodising: Neutral; Hard and Golden Hard Anodising.
To guarantee never-before-seen safety and stability, Gi.Metal makes use of special rivets used in aviation to assemble aeroplanes. The junction point between the peel head and handle is historically the peel's most delicate area. However, the rivets used in Gi.Metal peels solve this problem with ease. The three rivets have become a distinctive mark of the brand, making Gi.Metal pizza peels unique and unmistakable.
The flexibility of the peel head together with front milling provides the spatula effect: the peel bends exactly in the middle creating the perfect adherence between the peel and the work surface making it easier to pick up the pizza. The central ribbing stiffens the head and together with the side ribbing allows supporting heavy loads.
Perforated or Solid?
Gi.Metal was the first company to have invented, designed and made the exclusive perforation for pizza peels. A very important invention that makes the pizza maker's job vastly easier. Despite this, Gi.Metal focus the same amount of attention on the traditional solid peels and perforated peel. Leaving you to make the decision about which style suits you better!
Advantages of the holes
Maximum Smoothness.  The holes are blunted and rounded at the cutting ends so that the moister dough slides easily onto the peel. 
Lightweight.  Perforation means less materials and therefore less weight.
Less flour on the bottom of the pizza. Holes allow for flour to fall from the bottom of the pizza, rather than enter in the oven. This means less smoke from burning flour and no more burns or bitter taste.  Not to mention, less burnt flour to clean out the oven!
Rectangular or Round?
The rectangular peel is the traditional choice. It features a larger contact surface with the pizza on the front side, due to its milling.

The round peel features a widened runner with smooth and regular milling on a wide extension of the curvature and allows the pizza maker to take the pizza from the side or front of the peel. It is also easier to place the pizzas next to each other inside the oven due to the lack of corners!
A Size For Everyone
Different head sizes are available to accommodate the size of pizzas you want to make and the size of your oven.
We offer a completely free cut down service for your peel, all you need to do is specify your total length required and we will do the rest for you!
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These are just a small selection of the Gi.Metal utensils that are available to buy from our website.
Dough Cutters & Scrapers
A range of dough cutters and scrapers. Made from both metal and plastic and with different flexibilities to suit your needs.
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Sauce Ladles
Sauce spoons and ladles. High quality metal spoons that will be reliable and stand the hard test of any kitchen.
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Pizza Cutters
A wide range of pizza cutters including wheel cutter, rocker cutter and pizza scissors. 
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Pizza Cutters
Range of sizes and shapes of pizza servers. Also available with perforation.
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Other Accessories
Peel Wall Racks & Stands
A range of wall racks and stands for peels. Keep your peels safe and tidy without taking up lots of space!
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Oven Brushes
Brass and natural oven brushes, with replaceable heads to ensure that your investment goes further.
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Shovels and Rakes
Constructed from lightweight and high quality materials, ensuring the quick and easy removal of ash.
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The perfect pizza accessories to make and serve high quality pizza at home. Available as individual pieces or kits!
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