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Dough dockers

Displays all Dough dockers offered by White's Foods.

Perfect your pizza crust with our collection of dough dockers, including heavy-duty pizza roller dockers and plastic pizza roller dockers. Explore innovative designs crafted for professional and home kitchens. Ensure an even bake and prevent bubbles for the ideal pizza crust. Choose the perfect dough docker at White's Food Service Equipment.

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  • Plastic Dough Docker

    Plastic Dough Docker
    £12.50 ex VAT

    This handy little device has many names that range from dough docker to roller docker or pizza docker, and resembles either a small, spiked rolling pin, or a small rotary tiller. The dough docker is a food preparation utensil used to uniformly pierce the dough to prevent over rising or blistering and also aerate the dough. Made of sturdy plastic.

  • Heavy Duty Roller Docker

    Heavy Duty Roller Docker
    £29.00 ex VAT

    Heavy duty rolling dough docker. Stainless steel handle and pins with a wide plastic barrel.

    Dough docker measures 13 x 6 cm. Weighs 0.4KG.