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Proluxe machines are a pizza maker’s best friend - with their line of manual and automatic dough presses and sheeters, combining innovation and functionality to meet all needs.





Manual and Automatic Dough Presses


For over 30 years, DoughPro dough presses have been synonymous with quality pizza equipment and pizza accessories. Our line of manual and automatic dough presses are designed with our patented technology. The embedded heating element is backed by the ProLuxe exclusive limited lifetime warranty, and easy-to-use automated controls help your staff work efficiently while creating great tasting products every time. Investing in ProLuxe Pizza Accessories and Dough Presses might be the best decision you make.




Innovation and Functionality.


ProLuxe products combine innovation and functionality to meet your specific needs. ProLuxe Pizza Accessories and dough presses are a pizza maker’s best friend. The new Bun Carameliser and the split-lid Panini Grill feature a uniquely embedded heating element, which is backed by the exclusive ProLuxe limited lifetime warranty. This advanced patented technology results in even heating and better recovery. In addition, our patented leveling system ensures that products up to 3 inches thick will be grilled evenly. ProGrillcounter top equipment is easy to clean and provides necessary guards for maximum operator safety, consistent quality and performance.


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