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XLT Ovens and exhaust hoods – global manufacturers of best-in-class conveyor pizza ovens and exhaust hoods, designed for pizza takeaway, delivery chains and independents alike.


Best-in-Class Conveyor Ovens


XLT Conveyor ovens, XLT Pizza oven Capture Hoods, XLT Grills, XLT Countertop Conveyor ovens – something to suit every establishment.

XLT Conveyor Ovens are manufactured in the USA by Wolfe, a company whose roots span nearly seven decades. These pizza ovens are state of the art, setting new standards of excellence and are used by many of the world’s largest pizza chains and restaurant groups. Not only do XLT Ovens set the standard for fast, reliable and consistent baking, but they are also the quietest, thanks to their patented “Quiet Fire” Burners. Every XLT Ovens model can be single, double or triple stacked – adding another deck or upgrading is simple and easy to do. XLT parts are “off the shelf” top branded components from the world’s leading manufacturers, such as Honeywell.



Patented Innovative Hood System


These are a fraction of the cost compared to original manufactured component parts, resulting in huge savings if a part needs replacing. The latest innovation introduced by XLT is the Hood System, which can be fitted to any XLT model. This patented design fits completely around the ovens, capturing all the heat and directing it outside. Using much lower CFMs (extraction rates) results in lower noise from the ovens, a much cooler kitchen and many benefits for the operators. The XLT Hood System typically uses at least 50% less air extraction than a conventional canopy. Reduced cost of installation, reduced cost of operation and simplified maintenance when needed, make XLT a first choice for every pizza restaurant operator.


The right oven for you - More than 8 models to choose from


With more than 8 models to choose from there is something for every kitchen. Take a look at some of our customers who chose XLT as their business partner.

Each oven is easy to use, simple to clean, offering trouble free operation and superb performance. The ovens are quiet, super fast to heat up, highly efficient with their unique burner system. XLT conveyor ovens are simply perfection, with attention to detail and engineered to the highest standards, with over eight oven models to choose from.

XLT Conveyor Ovens and Hoods – global manufacturers of best-in-class conveyor ovens and cost efficient exhaust hoods for the causal dining establishments.

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Best-in-Class Conveyor Ovens and hoods with a Patented Quiet Fire Burner. The best business partner you will choose. Click here to take a look at the catalogue.