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GEMM- BCT/15 Blast Freezer

Blast Freezer for commercial kitchens; revolutionise food preparation for your business.
The BCT/15 Blast Freezer is a high tech appliance which gives you complete control and personalisation. Allowing you to rapidly lower the core temperature of foods, preserving it for longer and eliminating bacterial growth. 

Blast freezers are really excellent options for dough freezing. The process of blast freezing a raw product is achieved through the formation of micro-crystals which retain the cellular structure of the food, guaranteeing its long term preservartion. The smaller ice crystals do not interrupt the structure, texture or integrity of the food you're freezing, including you're dough!

The blast chillers in the TOP line by GEMM, such as the BCT/15, offer the best that cold technology can offer in terms of both performance and functionality. They are equipped with high powered condensing units to manage high workloads, always ensuring maximum reliability.

The GEMM range will revolutionise your kitchen processes, allowing you to take full control of food preparation and preservation. 


Multifunction, multilingual electronic boards and 7" touch screen graphic display, easy to organise work cycles and have complete control. High efficiency compressor, cycles programming, fan speed control. 
Hot gas defrosting Sytem.

Stainless steel
Holds up to 15 GN 1/1 Dough Trays
Chilling from +90C to +3C in in 90 minutes and +90X to -18C in 240 minutes.
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