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GEMM- TALH/S Proving Cabinet

Proving Cabinet for commercial kitchens; revolutionise food preparation for your business.
GEMM TALH/16S proving cabinet
The TALH/S proving cabinet which gives you control over your proving with maximum ease and precision. The electronic control board offers complete versatility; you can set the temperature, relative humidity, ventilation as well as the timings and cycles. With the GEMM provers you obtain a perfectly leavened product ready to be cooked at the desired time which ensures you a greater flexibility in the production

The unit has a touch screen electronic control board which is simple and intuitive to use. It allows the user to set the cooling, conservation, recovery, proving and holding stages. Along with memory storage which allows up to 100 working programmes making it quick and easy to change your selections.

The GEMM range will revolutionise your kitchen processes, allowing you to take full control of food preparation and preservation. 


Multifunction, multilingual electronic boards with touch screen display. 
Humidity control with electronic probe. Backing delay function. Ventilated control system. USB device for data storage.

Stainless steel
Holds up to GN 1/1 Dough Trays
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