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Blackline 85 / 70

IGF Deck Oven
The IGF Blackline 85/70 is the second smallest in the Black Line range. A reliable and high performance electric deck oven which utilises the best quality materials and technology.  The internal cooking dimensions are 85 x 72 x 14cm, giving you the space to cook 4 x 13" pizzas at one time.  You can grow this oven to suit your needs; it is modular meaning you can stack up to three chambers. Available with or without an extraction hood.
➜ Internal and external chamber made in stainless steel.
➜Insulating Ceramic Fibre with high perfomance.
➜Cooking Floor is made from high thickness refractory plate.
➜Control panel allows you full control of temperature and fume extraction.
➜Color LCD display with percentage indication of power, temperature, timer, heating elements activation status, clock, booster, etc.
➜Functioning with 6 automatic programs for adaptation to production
➜Four independent cooking timers that can be activated by overlapping times
➜Daily programmable switching on with selection of days
➜Delayed ignition

➜Panel internally cooled with a fan activated from a thermo dynamic sensor.
➜ Double lamp embedded with new cooling technology.
➜ Indestructible temperature probe.
➜Strengthened front door.
➜Oven front insulated with frontal pack system for reduced heat.
➜Electronic control panel with Wi-Fi connection
➜Direct Wi-Fi connection with smartphone, tablet, PC for quick modification of recipes and copying to another oven
➜Automatic cleaning function with pyrolysis
➜Steam exhaust electric valve control
➜Internal lighting control
➜New door without springs and with new panoramic glass

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Blackline Oven Specification Sheet
Without Extraction Hood
Pizza Capacity: 4x 13" Pizzas
Cooking Chamber Dimensions: 85cm x 72cm x 14cm
Power Supply: 8.1kw per oven, 380V +N+E
External Dimensions: 105cm x 94cm x 37cm
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