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3000/R Model Line

IGF Spiral Mixer
3000/R422 Revolution
42kg Bowl Capacity
Variable Speed up to 238RPM
Three Phase Machine
➜Digital system with coloured touch screen display and PLC
➜Robust dough cutter, inclined with respect to the machines frontal, adjustable in cutting inclination, height and distance from the spiral.
➜Thermal probe, in contact with the dough
➜LED light inside the bowl
➜Holds up to 2000 recipes
➜Reverse bowl function
Power Supply: Three Phase, 380V
Dimensions:  550mm x 750mm x 1320mm
Weight:  132kg
Includes: 3 years parts and 12 months labour warranty.
3000/R70 Ecotec
70kg Bowl Capacity
Twin Speed
Three Phase Machine
➜7" coloured touch screen display
➜Wide range of continous regulation of spiral rpm from 75 to 230RPM
➜Pre-loaded base recipes, holds up to 300 recipes
➜Reverse bowl function
➜Temperature probe with visual alarm, ensuring no overmixing or overheating
➜LED lights inside the bowl
➜Strong and silent double motor with high energy performance
➜Belt transmission oversized for reliability.
Power Supply:  3 phase machine, 400V
Dimensions:  670mm x 1110mm x 1190mm
Weight: 365kg
Includes: 3 years parts and 12 months labour warranty.
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